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How Long Does It Take To Build A Backyard Pond?

Find Out How Long It Can Take For Your Backyard Pond To Be Installed In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

Time is precious and nobody should waste a second of it. So, do you want to spend weeks looking at a torn up backyard when the pond was supposed to take a few days? Well, the first step in determining a timeframe is to break down the steps it takes to build a pond. For this let’s assume it’s a brand new 10′ x 15′ pond build including a waterfall flowing into the pond, but no stream. Let’s get into how long does it take to build a pond!

All times given are for normal ground conditions and a crew of 4 men.

Step 1: The Dig

How long does it take to dig a pond- usually one day. A huge factor is the dirt in the area where the pond is going to be built. Sometimes people have the perfect spot for a pond near their favorite tree, but that can mean years of roots to dig out of the way. Even though you only have to go 24″ deep to build the average sized pond, that’s where the majority of tree roots are. Shale and clay are other causes for delays as they make digging more difficult.

The biological filter and skimmer are ‘set’ during the digging process too. You need the correct height and pitch of both filters so they work correctly once the pond is running. Our crews are able to install both units in just under a few hours. Then comes the liner!

Step 2: Laying Down The Liner

The liner keeps the water in the pond and out of your yard. Laying it incorrectly or damaging it can cause your yard to become part of the pond instead of the other way around. The liner is in turn protected by an underlayment beneath it. Liner installation usually takes 3 hours since it has to precisely attach to the skimmer and filter. After this, we add a great touch to your pond for a more natural look that will also protect the liner.

Installing a pond liner

Step 3: Rocking Out Your Pond

Then we’re going to rock your pond like The Rolling Stones! Once the liner is down, the pond must be “rocked out”, meaning we are going to cover the liner in rocks. It makes for a more natural look and it’s much better than staring at a plain black liner bottom. This process can be time-consuming as it depends on the type of look you want. Including a waterfall, we can rock the pond in 1 day. Then comes the last step- the finishing touches and cleaning.

Adding rock and gravel to the pond

Step 4: Additions and Clean up

Any add-ons usually mean more time, but it’s worth it because it makes your pond better! These additions can include:

If you decide on multiple additions we install them at the same time. So while one guy is doing the wiring for the lights another could be setting plants. Cleanup usually includes mulching around the new water feature, potting any plants, and generally tidying up. These take about 1 day for us to complete.

Pond after build

So, How Long Does It Take To Build A Pond?

4 days for the average size pond. We have been installing ponds since 2001, so we have experience on our side making the process faster. That being said, we’ve done some projects a day while others have taken a week. It depends on what you want.

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