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Start Your Koi Pond Maintenance With An Exploratory Drain And Clean

Your pond is an eyesore on your home, a frustration, or both. You may be seeing murky water, overgrown plants, or you may start smelling a weird odor around your pond…

You may be constantly adding water to your pond or seeing puddles of water forming outside of it. Other issues, like debris build-up and malfunctioning pumps, can prevent your water feature from functioning correctly.

With an exploratory drain and clean, you’ll find out exactly what your pond needs to get back to beautiful. You’ll also be fully educated on how your pond works.

You can relax better knowing your pond is taken care of.

You'll start with an exploratory drain and clean if:

Koi Pond Maintenance & Koi Pond Cleaning Creates Healthy Ecosystems

You can’t truly enjoy your koi pond when it looks dirty or unkempt. This is especially true if you know your fish are living in that dirty water.

Regular koi pond maintenance and koi pond cleaning services can help with this and more! You’ll have a pond that looks clean and is a great home for your fish.

More than that, you can relax knowing your koi pond is in great working condition. We’ll inspect the liner, edges, pump, filtration system, and electrical devices to ensure everything works properly. If your koi pond needs any repairs, we’ll recommend the best course of action.

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Some of the most common koi pond maintenance solutions include:

How An Exploratory Drain And Clean Works

No efforts will be spared in giving your pond the proper care. We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process of cleaning your pond, and equip you with tips and tricks to keep it healthy for longer.

Almost all of our koi pond maintenance clients start with an exploratory drain and clean first.

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Drain Your Pond

We start with draining your pond so that we can get a full picture of what’s going on with your feature. We carefully remove any fish and place them in a temporary tank for the duration of the cleaning.

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Clean Your Pond

After we drain your pond, we clean every part of the feature. This helps to give a cleaner foundation for our inspection.

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Inspect Your Pond

With your pond being a clean slate, we dive in with a thorough inspection. We check for holes, leaks, and malfunctioning parts. We take notes and create a detailed report along the way.

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Refill Your Pond

Once your pond has been fully inspected, we refill your water feature and replace the fish.

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Educate You About Your Pond

Now that your pond has been completely reset to a healthy state, we go over our findings with you. This is your time to learn about the state of your pond and how to set it up for success going forward.

Exploratory Drain And Clean Pricing

We deliver high-quality koi pond maintenance and koi pond cleaning services that will turn your yard into a unique and relaxing space for family gatherings. With 20 years of experience in the pond construction industry, we use our knowledge and mastery to exceed our customers’ expectations every time.

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Basic Exploratory Drain And Clean*


Includes assessing your water feature, removing fish before the cleaning process, and refilling your pond.

Cleaning algae bloom out of a pond

Average Exploratory Drain And Clean*


Includes assessing your water feature, removing koi fish for a full cleaning process, protecting your pond from debris, and making minor rock adjustments.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size and location of your pond, surrounding plants and foliage, time since last cleaned, and the type of filtration system. You’ll receive an exact quote for your water feature’s exploratory drain and clean after the in-home consultation.

Exploratory Drain And Clean Portfolio

Browse our gallery below to see the the endless possibilities for your home. We'll make sure your water feature becomes a beautiful oasis based on custom design, flawless execution, and proper care.​


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An Award Winning Pond Company

Premier Ponds is an Aquascape Certified Contractor ready to tackle the most complex and demanding pond projects. As 2014 and 2016 Pond Company Of The Year, we have helped DC, MD, and NoVa residents with pond maintenance, renovation, and construction for 20 years and counting.

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We let our work speak for itself! We love to hear from our satisfied customers. Read what they say about the quality of our services so you can make an informed decision when choosing Premier Ponds to build the pond of your dreams!


I searched the internet and came across Premier Ponds. They showed up to access my situation and made suggestions on how to improve the overall look of the backyard with the pond-less waterfall. They took the old one out and within a few days I was looking at my new beautiful waterfall that even lights up at night. They even took the time to plant the flowers that I bought around the waterfall and put down the mulch for me as well.

Throughout the years, whenever I have an issue (even on the weekend) I would call and I usually had someone here the next day or maybe even the same day to solve the problem. This year I had Premier Ponds put in some retaining walls and they did an outstanding job of tying in the walls with the waterfall. It looks looks like its been there the whole time.

I truly would recommend Premier Ponds. They are a great bunch of people to work with and they left me with a beautiful waterfall that I have enjoyed for many years.

Wendy M.


Very impressed with the attitude of all the gentleman that we worked with. They worked hard and weren’t afraid to get dirty! I appreciate the patience with which they answered my questions and provided helpful information.

Marybeth E.


Premier Ponds has the best service for pons in the Washington, D. C. area. I have been using them for years and they always come through with superior service. The cleaning service is a life saver for me and I enjoy my pond more since using their services. If you want an enjoyable oasis in your yard contact Premiere Ponds for installation or service.

Sarah M.

Koi Pond Maintenance & Koi Pond Cleaning FAQs Homeowners Ask Us

Here are the answers to the most common questions people ask
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