Cleaning Up A Pond And Inspecting It In Towson, MD

Cleaning Up A Pond And Inspecting It In Towson, MD

Keep Your Maryland Pond Beautiful And In Working Order With Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

Cleaning up a pond is a several step process that involves draining the pond, cleaning out the muck and debris, washing the rocks, taking apart and cleaning the filters, and then putting everything back together. What makes this one different is we also explore it to make sure everything works as it should and that there are no leaks.

In this post, our client calls us in to clean their pond and make sure it doesn’t have any leaks.

a reflection of a tree in a puddle of water.

“I’m really excited that you guys are here,” Michelle exclaims excitedly.

Mike, foreman and co-owner of Premier Ponds, is at Michelle’s house to perform their pond cleaning and inspection service:

“We’re happy to be here too, Michelle. I’m Mike, by the way, nice to meet you.” They shake hands as the Premier Team starts unloading their truck. “So,” Michelle starts, “what exactly is this pond cleaning and inspecting process you’re about to do?”

Cleaning Up A Pond In 7 Steps

  1. Drain out the water
  2. Clean out the muck and debris
  3. Wash the bottom and sides
  4. Check and clean filters
  5. Inspect the rest of the pond
  6. Put everything back together
  7. Report our findings to our client
a man in a blue jacket holding a white cup.

“The first thing we do is drain out all of the water we can,” Mike begins. “Wait, I thought you didn’t have to do that to clean a pond?” Michelle chimes in. “We do that so we can make sure everything is as clean as possible and so we can inspect every inch of it.

“Oooohh ok, yeah that makes sense actually. I just have some friends whose pond contractor doesn’t drain it all the way,” Michelle responds.

a man standing next to a bike on top of a lush green field.

“Well, pond contractors clean and maintain ponds differently. It’s the end result that matters, right?” Mike says with a smile. “Exactly,” Michelle says, returning the smile.

“After that, we clean out all the leaves, muck, and debris from the bottom. We also power wash the sides and bottom, but don’t worry, we leave a little bit of film so we don’t get rid of all the beneficial bacteria.”

“Sounds like it’s clean enough at this point,” Michelle half-jokes.

“True, but then we have to make sure it can keep itself clean which is why we wash and inspect the filters.”

“We also inspect the rest of the pond to make sure there aren’t any leaks or damages. Once we’re done, we’ll put everything back together and walk you through what we found.”

a man in a black jacket and a red hat.

“That sounds lovely,” Michelle responds warmly. “Is there anything after that?” Mike replies with “Only if you use us to make any repairs if your pond needs any.”

“It seems like you have everything well in hand, so I’ll let you get back to your team,” Michelle happily replies. She watches as Mike walks towards his team, having faith that he’ll make her pond look amazing and fix anything that needs it.

You can see the whole process in the video at the top of this page

The clients in this post are fictional, though the project is real (and so is Mike). All conversations are also fictional.