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Does your backyard not make you happy anymore? You might feel like something’s missing or it isn’t as amazing as it can be.

Many homeowners gaze across their backyard with thoughts like these running through their heads. Like you, they’re wondering what they can do.

Many of them decide to install a backyard pond.

Imagine drinking your morning coffee in your backyard and catching the sight of your beautiful pond – the water sparkling in the sun, colorful pond plants waving in the breeze, and the flashy scales of lazily swimming koi fish.  

You can easily make this a reality by installing a pond in your backyard.

Popular upgrade packages for your pond include:

Lifestyle Package:

Ecosystem Package:

Aeration Package:

Lighting Package:

Invite Nature & Add Value To Your Home

You love the sight and sound of running water. It’s beautiful, relaxing, and it makes you feel happy to just…be. You can have this every day without having to go on drives or hikes.

Aquatic plants and colorful koi fish help your backyard become a place where nature blossoms. Your friends and family will naturally gather around it as everyone enjoys each other’s company.

The younger ones in your family will love exploring your pond. You can teach them about ecosystems, biodiversity, and let them feed your fish right from their hands!

Nothing compares to watching nature’s beauty unfold right in front of your eyes.

Our koi pond builders are here to help you bring that slice of nature to your home.

Large pond with stream

How Our backyard pond Installation
Service works

Explain your vision to us, and our koi pond builders will use our expertise and skills to bring it to reality! We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process of building your perfect pond.

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Fill out our form and tell us about your desired water feature or service. We’ll have a phone consultation to discuss the details of your koi pond installation project and answer any questions you may have.

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We Work Our Magic

After we understand your vision, we’ll start your koi pond construction project. Our koi pond builders will help you with recommendations and keep you updated on our progress.

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Enjoy Your Pond

Your entire outdoor area has come to life thanks to your new and improved pond. Your family and friends can now come together and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful pond right outside your back door.

Pond Construction And Renovation Pricing

We deliver high-quality koi pond construction and renovation services that will turn your yard into a unique and relaxing space for family gatherings. With 20 years of experience in the pond construction industry, we use our knowledge and mastery to exceed our customers’ expectations every time.

Small pond with waterfall

Basic Pond Construction*


Includes up to an 8x10 pond, pump, filtration system, rocks, and a waterfall.

average sized pond with stone surround

Average Pond Construction*


Includes a 12x15 pond, an upgraded pump, an enhanced filtration system, rocks, and an upgraded waterfall.

Large pond with plants next to patio

High-End Pond Construction*


Includes a 15x25 pond, an upgraded pump, a premium filtration system, rocks, and an upgraded waterfall.

koi pond with Lilly pads

Custom Pond Construction*


Our "sky is the limit" package includes a 25x25 pond and every upgrade and feature that you want for your pond.

Advanced options for your pond can include:

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your pond and your choice of systems and upgrades. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique pond construction after the in-home consultation.

Pond Construction And Renovation Portfolio

Browse our gallery below to see the the endless possibilities for your home. We'll make sure your water feature becomes a beautiful oasis based on custom design, flawless execution, and proper care.​


Ponds Built And Repaired


Ponds Cleaned

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An Award Winning Pond Company

Premier Ponds is an Aquascape Certified Contractor ready to tackle the most complex and demanding pond projects. As 2014 and 2016 Pond Company Of The Year, we have helped DC, MD, and NoVa residents with pond maintenance, renovation, and construction for 20 years and counting.

Happy Homeowners Like You Say

We let our work speak for itself! We love to hear from our satisfied customers. Read what they say about the quality of our services so you can make an informed decision when choosing Premier Ponds to build the pond of your dreams!


No job is two small for Premier Ponds! I have two very tiny ponds with beautiful little water falls installed by Premier – They have given us so much pleasure – not only are they beautiful to look at but the gentle splashing is mesmerizing. I have them cleaned by Premier twice a year and the service is outstanding.

Fritz T.


Everyone at Premier Ponds has been great. Andrew is always very responsive and his entire team is professional and courteous while on site.

The end-product is beautiful and my clients have been very happy with their services. I’d highly recommend them.

Kevin K.


I highly suggest hiring the guys at Premier Ponds to build your dream pond! I had long wanted a natural swimming pool or a pond in my yard for both my benefit and the birds and bees that visit my yard. My area is awash with mosquitos, so I was, additionally, wanting to attract and retain a healthy population of dragonflies.

I first worked over the phone with Andrew to discuss the size and options. He was extremely friendly and answered any follow-up questions I had over the next few weeks. The before and after pictures as well as videos they have on their website were also really helpful and gave me an idea of what to expect. The best bonus of all is that within a week of installation, I had both orange and blue dragonflies that took up residence and eviscerated the mosquito population! I’m calling that a win!

Julie G.

Pond Construction And Renovation FAQs Homeowners Ask Us

Here are the answers to the most common questions people ask our koi pond builders:

Turn Your Backyard Into A Spectacular Setting With A New Or Renovated Pond