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3 Beautiful Backyard Pond Ideas For Your Maryland Home

Finding Your Ideal Backyard Pond To Beautify Your Home In Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia

What kind of backyard pond do you want?

It’s okay not to have an answer because there aren’t many people who really know the answer to that right off the bat. You could rely on a contractor’s supposed skills and hope their ideas look as good as they sound. Another option is to look around for backyard pond ideas and take what you like from each.

Right here are 3 amazing backyard pond ideas ranging from small to large and varying in style too. They are very different from the average size pond.

Who knows, you might just fall in love.

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A Nice, Smaller Backyard Pond Idea In Gaithersburg, Maryland

Glenn (pond owner) had us come in to renovate this pond right before he was to host a wedding reception at his home.

This backyard pond idea may be a little smaller than our average size, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in the happiness it brings Glenn.

You can hear his thoughts on the process and product in this video:

The waterfall creates a soothing sound that flows through the air, sometimes into an open window at night. The stone stepper edge not only creates a beautiful edge but also a safety step so people don’t accidentally step in.

Steve’s Larger Backyard Pond Idea In Maryland

Steve and his family did like their water feature (not installed by us), but what they didn’t know was that their water feature could be so much more.

While experiencing a problem with their water feature, Steve reached out to us to fix it. He talked to our Steve (founder and co-owner) who asked him whether he wanted to fix it or do something great with it.

He decided to something great with us, and the end result is one of the most beautiful backyard pond ideas we’ve done:

This pond was transformed from a man-made looking stream into a natural looking paradise. Aquatic plants decorate the water and sides, a splashing multi-tier waterfall creates a relaxing sound, and there’s even a flat boulder in the middle to provide an area for crossing.

Laura’s LED Lighting Backyard Pond Idea In Alexandria, Virginia

This is one of the backyard pond ideas that are almost two-for-one. The first waterfall falls into a smaller pond that leads to a small waterfall flowing into a bigger pond.

The aquatic plants add splashes of green amid the gray stone edge and crystal clear water:

The LED lights transform this amazing backyard pond at night into a beautifully lit wonderland. It’s almost like having a different pond at night.

The Ideas Don’t Stop Here

We hope you enjoyed looking at these ideas and maybe even had a few of your own. Of course, these beautiful backyard pond ideas are but a few of many.

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