What Is The Average Pond Size?

What Is The Size Of Your Average Pond?

Find The Actual Measurements Of An Average Pond The Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

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The average size of most ponds is 10′ x 15′ (roughly 150 square feet) with the deepest point being 24″. If you have underwater shelves for plants they usually go 12″ down. But these averages can be skewed due to:

  • Streams increasing the overall size
  • Different pond basin shapes
  • Amount of available land per area
  • Bogs being included or excluded as part of the pond
  • Preferences for design per owner

The video below shows the Premier Ponds team building an amazing average size pond for one of our clients:

Size Of The Average Pond

Trying to buy a pond based on average size would be like purchasing a home based on the size. You can find an average size if you look it up but it can differ from area to area.

Like houses, the sizes of ponds vary based on the factors listed previously: streams, shape, preferences, etc. It’s going to be different for everyone, but that is part of what makes ponds and water features so awesome – none are exactly alike.

Even if a pond is an average size, it’s not average because each one is unique. The part of ponds that don’t change often is the average depth.

Average pond cost for the average size pond like this

The Average Pond Depth

Pond depths differ based on what clients want. Most of the time ponds are 24″ at their deepest point. If you want aquatic plants for your pond there can be a shelf 12″ deep for them to sit on. This is where many tend to thrive and it can help to keep them at a consistent height.

A 24″ depth is necessary if fish are going to be living in your pond. This depth keeps all the water from freezing during winter so your fish can hibernate.

This is what you can do with your pond fish during winter >>

a pond filled with lots of water next to a lush green forest.

What Size Pond Do You Want?

This average size for backyard ponds is by no means a rule. You deserve to have a water feature that can enhance your home and your life, whether it’s a small fountain or a pond you can swim in.

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