Water Feature Construction & Maintenance Pricing

Water Feature Construction & Maintenance Costs For Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home

What Does A Water Feature Cost?

We’ve all been to a restaurant that has lobster on the menu with “Market price” as the cost. Since we don’t know the exact cost of the lobster, most of us opt out of it. This goes for water features too. Money and budget are already tricky to deal with, and it’s especially true when a contractor is giving you the runaround. We believe in a very open and honest process here at Premier Ponds, and pricing is no exception.  Whether you’ve got a set budget in mind, are in the beginning stages of your water feature project, or want to know the cost to build a pond, we’re here to be a transparent voice.

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a group of people working in a yard.

New Or Renovated Pond Cost

Having a set price to build or renovate a water feature is nearly impossible. This is because many clients like to install add-on features to their ponds such as LED lighting or fish caves and tunnels. The cost to build a pond or renovate one can depend on how much work you want to put into it. Scroll down to see some new water feature projects and some renovations we’ve done over the years:

a garden with a pond and a waterfall.

Base Pond Price – $9,000

Total Project As Shown – $12,000

a pond with a waterfall in the middle of it.

Base Pond Price – $14,000

Total Project As Shown – $20,000

a pond filled with lots of water lilies.

Base Pond Price – $35,000

Total Project As Shown – $60,000

a garden with a pond and a gazebo.

Base Pond Price – $45,000

Total Project As Shown – $75,000

Pondless Waterfall & Fountain Costs

Maybe you don’t want to look after plants, fish, or maintain much of anything. If so, consider going pondless! Pondless water features and fountains are great alternatives to traditional ponds. It can decrease the low-maintenance part of ponds into a next to no-maintenance situation. Keep going to see some examples:

a garden with rocks and a water feature.

Base Pond Price – $12,000

Total Project As Shown – $14,600

a series of photos showing different types of vases.

Price Range – $5,000-$7,500

a garden filled with lots of purple flowers.

Base Fountain Price – $6,000

a stone fountain in a garden surrounded by flowers.

Base Fountain Price – $15,000

Total Project As Shown – $20,000

Pond & Water Feature Cleaning

Nobody wants to walk outside and see a dirty water feature, it defeats the purpose of having one! You can keep your pond clean and clear with regular cleaning. Seasonal maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your water feature’s ecosystem in balance.

Learn about our most popular service, the Exploratory Drain and Clean >>

a small pond with a waterfall in the middle of it.

Before – Filled

a small pond with a waterfall surrounded by rocks.

After – Filled

a garden with a pond surrounded by rocks and plants.

Before – Empty

a pile of rocks with plants growing out of them.

After – Empty

Price For Cleaning As Shown – Starting At $990 (Including Those Smaller Ponds!)


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