7 Best Pond Builders In Maryland And How To Find The Right One For You

7 Best Pond Builders In Maryland And How To Find The Right One For You

You Can Trust These Companies With Your Pond Building And Maintenance Projects
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The best pond builders for the Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas include Arbor Ridge Services and more.

Find all the recommended Maryland pond companies below-

Finding The One

“We need a pond builder and maintenance company for this,” Matt says.

Christina smiles and nods. “I think that’s for the best. We’ll get a great looking pond that works well and makes our backyard amazing!” They’ve been doing research on what koi ponds are and what they need to know. Now, they can finally start looking at installing one.

Matt pulls out his phone. “Well, let’s start looking for local pond builders and see what we can find. I’ll take Angie’s List and you can take Home Advisor.”

Christina shakes her head. “Let’s skip those for now and look more local. I bet we can find something better!” The couple starts searching Google for local pond contractors.

After searching for a while, here are 7 they’re thinking about contacting:

7 Best Pond Builders Around Maryland

1. Arbor Ridge Services, LLC is headed up by Travis Dietle. It’s a smaller pond company that focuses on custom water features. They also do pond repair and maintenance work. Their main area is Towson and north of there.

2. Atlantic Ponds is an Aquascape Certified pond builder. Not only that, but they are also in the top 100 Certified Aquascape Contractors in the world (like us).

3. Bee Landscaping is a full-service pond contractor owned by Scott Mcilwee. We’ve seen him at just about every learning event over the last ten years or so. He and his team are nice, honest, and hard-working.

4. Damascus Enterprises is owned by Scott Brown. These pond builders will give you a collection of videos and before/afters as a keepsake once the work is done.

5. Living Artscapes, owned by Frank Finn, lives to make people happy with their water features. This Certified Aquascape Contractor specializes in renovations and installations. If you live in between Hagerstown and Frederick, they might be the ones for you.

6. The Pond Doctor is a pond building company owned by Curtis King. This team has been in the business in Northern Virginia for quite some time. They can build almost any design and maintain it too.

7. Virginia Water Gardens is owned by the Ross’. These pond builders handle everything from Woodbridge to Richmond. They attend just about everything we do when it comes to training and education.

How To Find Out If A Pond Builder’s Reliable

There are a few different ways to research pond builders.

Ask any pond contractor the following questions:

  • How many ponds have you built/cleaned/maintained/repaired? (depending on what service you’re interested in)
  • How often do you train or educate your team to improve their craft?
  • What are your certifications?
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You can always give them a call and talk with them directly. It’s a great way to get a feel for the people behind the business.

You can also look through their website. See their project pictures, read about the company, see how transparent they are about their processes and information. You should be able to find processes, teams, and pricing. Reviews are another great way to research pond builders. See the reviews they have on Google and different sites besides their own.

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“What a great list! Let’s look a little deeper and see what these companies are all about,” Matt says happily. “Let’s also see if there’s anything else we might like to know on this website,” suggests Christina.