Spring Pond Cleaning In 9 Steps So You Know What Happens

Spring Pond Cleaning In 9 Steps So You Know What Happens

Here Are The Steps To Spring Pond Cleaning Only The Best Pond Contractors In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia Use

You can find the 9 steps to spring pond cleaning any contractor worth their salt follows. From draining to properly introducing the fish, these are our steps: drain pond and remove fish, clean filters, flush, pressure wash, clean additions, put filters together, refill the pond, treat the water, properly reintroduce any pond fish.

You can find out more about why your pond needs these steps below.

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That Used To Be Your What?!

“So, you’re trying to tell me that that is a backyard pond. Really?!”

a black truck parked next to a garden filled with plants.

Minnie honestly can’t believe this overgrown hole in Mickey’s backyard used to be a koi pond. Dead, half-dead, and (by some miracle) alive plants surround it, there’s stuff floating in it, and overall it just looks bad.

“I don’t know what happened over winter but the snow and ice melted and left me with this,” Mickey sighs sadly.

there is a rock in the middle of the grass.

Minnie tells him he should get a quote for a pond cleaning from a contractor. “Of course! That’s a great idea. But I’m going to need someone who really knows what they’re doing to take care of this mess,” Mickey says with a frown.

He wants to know more about this pond cleaning for spring process. Hopefully, a pond contractor near him has a post about their process so he can see what they can do. He pulls out his phone and looks up ‘spring pond cleaning’ on Google.

Here is what Mickey finds.

Spring Pond Cleaning In 9 Steps

  1. Drain pond
  2. Clean skimmers and other filters
  3. Flush with pond water
  4. Pressure wash rocks
  5. Clean any additions
  6. Put filters back together
  7. Refill pond
  8. Treat water
  9. Properly reintroduce pond fish

“Well that is one thorough spring pond cleaning process,” Mickey says, very impressed. He wonders if he can find out why they do it this way so he scrolls on down to see what he can find.

Why These 9 Steps For Cleaning A Pond For Spring?

Draining The Pond And Removing The Fish

Mickey reads that draining the pond let’s pond contractors clean the pond better.

a small pond with a blue hose and some plants.

You don’t have to drain a pond to clean it. It’s nice though because you can clean out the cracks and hard to reach places. It’s also great because you can check for broken equipment, liner holes, and overgrowing plants.

Contractors should check for anything irregular with your pond at this point in the spring pond cleaning process. You don’t want to have them come back in a few weeks because something needs fixing!

a man is using a hose to clean a pond.

Mickey’s concern is more for the fish than the pond itself. He’s relieved to read that contractors move the fish to a tub full of their pond water. It’s like a little vacation for them in the shady part of the yard.

He scrolls down to the next step.

Cleaning Skimmers And Filters

Mickey remembers having to clean the skimmers every week or so (they can catch a lot of stuff).
There are 3 types of filters and all 3 need cleaning. Skimmers filter out bigger muck and debris like leaves and sticks. If Premier Ponds built your pond then you’ll also have a biofalls filter. This is a waterfall filter that breaks down fish waste, plant waste, and toxins.

Mickey reads that the 3rd of these types of filters are the rocks and gravel. He sure is glad they’re going to get nice and clean from the spring pond cleaning he’s about to get for his pond.

Speaking of, the next 2 steps will get any pond back to clean.

Flushing The Pond

“What do they mean, some muck needs to be left behind?” Mickey asks in disbelief.

a reflection of a tree in a puddle of water.

This muck that’s been gathering on your pond bottom is actually part of the pond ecosystem. Taking it all away would throw your pond off balance and then it’ll get worse.

If it’s in Mother Nature’s pond it should be in yours.

Mickey finds out that this step basically rinses the pond with the water pumped out of it earlier. It’s very similar to the next spring pond cleaning step.

Pressure Washing

“So, it’s the same thing where you don’t want to completely clean it,” Mickey says with a nod.

Pressure washing the pond shelves and walls during spring pond cleaning

Pressure washing gets your rocks clean and shiny so they look good. They shouldn’t be too clean or the beneficial bacteria living on them will be gone and your pond will turn Exorcist-puke green in no time.

Mickey’s glad that this pond contractor won’t do that to his pond. What he is happy about is the next step.

Cleaning Any Additions

Mickey doesn’t have any additions yet but if he did it’s nice to know they’d get clean too.

a fire hydrant that has a hose attached to it.

Whether it’s an autofill device or an IonGen any pond owner wants their additions in good working order. Additions make owning a pond easier and more fun.

Now Mickey’s seriously considering upping his pond additions game. He shakes the thought out of his head for now and keeps reading about spring pond cleaning.

Treating The Water And Reintroducing The Fish

Mickey understands putting filters back together and refilling the pond, but what’s this water treatment and fish reintroduction about?
a koi fish swimming in a pond with lily pads.

Fish can’t just live in any water. The water from our taps and hose spigots have chlorine and fluoride and chemicals in them that make it safe for us to drink.

Fish hate those things. Treating the water makes it safe for them to live in.

Then you have to know how to properly reintroduce fish to your pond or they can go into shock. This can injure or (worst-case scenario) kill them.

Mickey’s glad to see they also know how to do that so he won’t have to worry about his fish in the future.

Mickey’s Next Step

“Wow, now it looks great!”

Mickey smiles proudly at Minnie’s compliment. He’s happy she told him about spring pond cleaning and even happier that he got it for his pond. Now it’s clean, everything works, and he can go back to enjoying it again.

He sure is glad he hired one of these 3 Maryland pond maintenance companies.