Keep Your Pond Water Clean And Clear With These 3 Filters

Keep Your Pond Water Clean And Clear With These 3 Filters

Keep Your Pond Clean And Clear So Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virgina Home Can Stay Looking Amazing

Do you look at your pond and think “I wouldn’t drink out of that with a LifeStraw”? You might not have until now, but we can agree your pond’s dirty. Especially if there aren’t any filters for it.

Manmade and natural filters are great for ponds. If they work together, you’ll have a great low-maintenance pond. For ponds that have too few, well, fixing that will bring your pond to life in ways you may not have imagined. That’s because clear water helps in more ways than one.

The clearest water’s the best water, look at the Bahamas! You can see the bottom, watch the fish, and enjoy looking at the clean water. This could be your pond. If you’ve got a LifeStraw you could use it and not worry! Increase the enjoyment you get from your pond and add some filters.

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Read on to see how filters help your pond water!

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How Do Filters Affect My Pond

Why does my pond water look like a muddy dog bathed in it? Well, let’s look at some potential causes:

  1. Mechanical and/or biological filters haven’t been serviced (or there are none)
  2. The pond hasn’t been cleaned in the past year
  3. The pump at the bottom’s clogged
  4. No rocks or gravel– beneficial, waste-eating bacteria colonize here
  5. No fish– they eat algae
  6. No plants– plants absorb excess nutrients

After looking to see what issue(s) there are, we look at fixing them. There are two easy fixes. One is replacing the old filter media and cleaning your pond. This can be done in less than one day by a trained professional. Fish and aquatic plants can also be added without any major reconstruction. Adding these will create a living ecosystem that brings entertainment as well as health.  

Now for our 3 main fixes.


a black container filled with water next to a rock.

Skimmers have the ability to clean much of the surface debris from the pond

If your pond has a pump on the bottom, a skimmer’s the solution for you. Why?

Less maintenance. Bottom pond drains have a tendency to clog, meaning they need cleaning. By you, unless you hire a professional service. Installing a skimmer can prevent this!

A skimmer is a mechanical filter. This means it removes waste by having the pump move water through a rigid basket and a filter pad. The debris stays in this basket instead of clumping up the drain. Now you only have to empty the basket and rinse the filter pad once every week, and it only takes a few minutes.

Another helpful filter is:

A Biological Filter (Biofalls)

a picture of a pond with rocks and plants.

A daily maintenance filter. Biofalls colonize beneficial bacteria which break down fish and plant waste. The water rushing through it has the debris and toxins stripped away before returning to the pond. It only needs to be professionally maintained twice a year too! Then there’s a third filter type that also uses bacteria.

Beneficial bacteria also grow on rocks and gravel.

Rock and Gravel

a garden filled with lots of plants and rocks.

Rocks and gravel make the pond look natural and provide a surface for micro-organisms to grow.

Nature’s filter. Rocks and gravel provide a home for beneficial bacteria. These bacteria give back to their home by keeping it clean and healthy. Adding rocks and gravel also make the pond look more natural.

More On Filtering Your Pond

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