Do I Need an Aerator in My Koi Pond?

/Do I Need an Aerator in My Koi Pond?

Fish Can Drown?!

Can’t…breathe…need…oxygen!! Even fish can drown if there isn’t enough oxygen for them to breathe in the water. For them to breathe, they need aeration, the process of adding oxygen to the water.

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How do you add oxygen to water?Summer Aeration Frederick, MD

By moving the water. Waterfalls, streams, and aquatic plants all help aerate ponds along with wind and rain. The more disruption the water’s surface gets, the more oxygen it gets!

Read on to learn more about aerating your pond. Or, look at our Aeration Guide!

Surface Aeration

Drip, drip, splash! Fountains, streams, and waterfalls are all additions that can help aerate your water.

Mother Nature Aeration

Streams and waterfalls can give a more natural aesthetic and feel to your pond. Fountains are popular because they can add a more elegant look to your pond! Whichever you decide, all of these options are great for making your pond and pond-life safe and healthy.

Now let’s dive into sub-surface aeration.

Aeration 20,000 Leagues BelowAir Compressor Air Stone

Natural can’t always handle itself. During the heat of the summer, water holds less dissolved oxygen, leaving the health of your pond at risk.

Don’t risk the health of your pond’s ecosystem, add artificial sub-surface aeration!

It’s basically a pond bottom bubbler. A disc the size of a dinner plate’s attached to an air compressor and dropped to the bottom of your pond. When turned on, a beautiful column of bubbles will then rise up towards the pond’s surface. It also does more than just aerate.

It cleans too?!?! This column of bubbles can reduce stagnate areas by circulating the water. It’ll also push debris towards the pond skimmer, making it easier to keep your pond clean. Fish also like to play with it!

But it’s different for the winter.

Winter Aeration

Winter Aerator Frederick, MD

Aerators aren’t needed for oxygen as much in the winter. The bubbles are great for keeping a hole in the ice! This hole is extremely important because it allows harmful fish gasses to escape. To do this, the aerator needs to be closer to the top of the pond.

Don’t churn up deep water because it can be bad for your fish.


Fish pooond-kit-cross-sectionhibernate in deeper, slightly warmer water, and mixing surface water with it can cause harm to the fish. If the aerator’s shut off in the winter, a de-icer is perfect for keeping that hole in the ice. Even if you plan on running your waterfall through the winter, which you should, we recommend putting a de-icer in, just in case.

Checklist of Aeration Benefits

  1.  Keeps fish and other wildlife healthy
  2. Balances overpopulated fish ponds
  3. Circulates the water
  4. Makes debris easier to remove
  5. Fun for fish!

Let’s Aerate!

Premier Ponds knows how to set up your pond for optimal aeration. If you have any questions or want to talk with us about a job, fill out our contact form or call us at (301) 821-7777.

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