1,000+ ponds constructed and repaired and 5,000+ ponds cleaned in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia since 2001

Waterfall Styles

Waterfalls capture the imagination. They inspire beauty and are magical. Hands down our favorite part of every job is turning the waterfall on for the very first time. Each one is a unique custom piece of art and no two are the same.

As with ponds, there is more than one way to build a waterfall. Here are some of our favorites.

Sheet waterfalls

One very popular style of waterfall is the sheet style waterfall. It looks exactly as it sounds, like a sheet of water falling into the pond (pictured above). The sound of water hitting water makes a louder sound that is just perfect for blocking out unwanted background noises. The thin water also allows the beautiful stone work underneath to be seen as the waterfall pours over it.  At night these sheets of water look simply amazing with LED lighting illuminating them!

Natural Waterfalls

As popular as sheet waterfalls are they are not for everybody. Some like a more natural waterfall, similar to what they might stumble upon in nature. Natural waterfalls have bigger rocks and have a more jagged character. They resemble how nature eroded them away. The result is a  more random and crashing waterfall.

Multiple Drop Waterfalls

The combination of the two is another popular style. There should be a little more area between the water fall and the pond in order to create different drops in the waterfall. They may even have a slight twist or a turn. If they were any longer they would be classified as a stream.