Pond Bog Filters: What Are They And Why Get One?

Pond Bog Filters: What Are They And Why Get One?

Find Out The Many Ways Pond Bog Filters Can Help You Enjoy Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Pond Even More

Pond bog filters are an area of soft, naturally waterlogged ground around ponds that help cleanse the water and provide an area for more plants to grow. They help remove excess nutrients from pond water to help keep your pond clearer and cleaner. The plants and beneficial bacteria work together to make this happen. You can install one even if you already have a water feature.

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We Need More & More Natural

“Adding it will be good for us and our pond, it’s a win-win!”

Carol is explaining to her husband, Connor, why they should add a pond bog filter to their water feature. He’s not quite sure it’ll be worth it so she’s trying to convince him.

Their pond never stays clear for too long, even with their 3 types of filters.  PLus, Carol’s always wanted to put more plants around it because she thinks it’ll help it to look more natural.

Connor’s still skeptical as to how a bog is going to help so now she’s going to have to bring out the big guns.

How Pond Bogs Work And Why They’re Great

Firstly, pond bogs help keep your pond water cleaner and clearer. They do this through beneficial bacteria that attach themselves to gravel included in the bog. Plants in the bog take up nutrients, toxins, and the like to starve any algae.

Thus your pond water is cleaner and clearer plus the plants make a wonderful new addition.

Now Connor wants to see a these pond bog filters for himself. They at least need to look good if they’re going to agree on getting one. “It’s not bad, but I guess that’s because this is right after it was installed”:

Carol agrees. They both know the video isn’t too far ahead of when the project was done so the plants haven’t had time to grow yet. But when they do, Carol can imagine how nice it must look.

Connor thinks that they could look really nice, especially if pond bog filters actually help keep the water cleaner and clearer. He is curious about how to install one so Carol shows him what she found.

How To Make A Bog Filter For A Pond In 7 Steps

  1. Mark out the bog area
  2. Excavate the area
  3. Line the area with a protective fabric, a rubber pond membrane, more protective fabric, special cubes we call aquablocks, and a cleanout vault
  4. Fill it in with river gravel about 8 inches above the blocks
  5. Plant aquatic plants
  6. Place liner over the pond liner and build a small stream for the marsh water to flow back into the pond
  7. Install a separate submersible motor in the skimmer to circulate the water

Carol even found a video of this pond contractor installing a pond bog filter:

Carol waits anxiously as Connor leans back in his chair, thoughtfully rubbing his chin. She can’t think of a reason for him to say no and even if he does she’ll find a way to make it happen, eventually.

Connor finally turns to her with a smile as he agrees to her proposal. She laughs with excitement as she hugs him, then turns to the computer to find a pond contractor to install a pond bog.

The Actual First Step To A Better Pond

The real first step isn’t marking out the area, it’s deciding to get one! Pond bog filters a natural and beautiful way to add to your pond and make it better in all sorts of ways. If you have any fish they’ll certainly be thanking you.

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