Lighting Up Your Water Feature Can Make It Look Like These

Lighting Up Your Water Feature Can Make It Look Like These

See How Lighting Up A Water Feature Can Change The Way You See Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home

You can see your yard in a new way by lighting up your water feature. After seeing these underwater pond lights in action everyone wants them. The way the light shimmers in the rippling water and flashes off the scales of your fish is a sight every pond owner should see at least once.

You can see what it looks like in the pictures below.

Look What I Found!

“Charlie, I have a great idea I have to share with you!” Donna bursts out.

Charlie jumps a little at the unexpected, and loud, noise. He breathes for a couple of seconds to calm down before asking Donna what her great idea is.

a stone wall with lights in the middle of it.

“I found something amazing for our pond: underwater pond lights!” Charlie raises his eyebrows saying “I don’t know if we really need those. Lighting up a water feature doesn’t seem like it would be as great as you’re making it sound.”

“Here, watch this 40-second video of this pond and lighting contractor talking about how great underwater pond lights are.”

Donna can tell Charlie will need more convincing to get him on board with her idea. “Let me show you some pictures then, they’re amazing,” she says, whipping out her phone. “After you see them you’ll want to contact this contractor too.”

Here are the pictures Donna shows Charlie.

Lighting Up A Water Feature With Underwater Pond Lights

a garden with a pond surrounded by rocks and trees.

“There’s no way this picture is real,” Charlie protests.

Dawn tells him that all the pictures here are real photos from projects clients brought this contractor in to do for them. Charlie’s still skeptical about underwater lights making such a difference. He’s going to need more convincing.

a water fountain surrounded by rocks and plants.
a small waterfall in the middle of a garden.

Donna knows Charlie likes to find out how people do things, so that might be what grabs his interest. She scrolls down to show him how contractors install underwater pond lights.

How To Light A Pond In 3 Steps

  1. Think about where you and others will view the pond
  2. Use waterproof flashlights as stand-ins
  3. Adjust as necessary

After you have everything set you can replace the flashlights with underwater light fixtures. But lighting a water feature isn’t as easy as those 3 steps make it sound.

“It isn’t, is it?” Charlie says sensing a challenge. He scrolls down to see what comes next.

a small waterfall surrounded by rocks and plants.

7 Tips For Lighting Up A Water Feature

  1. Choose stainless steel or polycarbonate fixtures
  2. Use LED lights
  3. Get 1/2 to 1/3 more lights than you think you’ll need
  4. If you have fish don’t use too many lights
  5. You can skim the light over still water for a mirroring effect
  6. Water bends light, so make sure it doesn’t bend it in the wrong direction
  7. Light up sources that move water (aerators, the ends of waterfalls, etc)
a garden at night with a pond and lights.

Donna sees a small smile playing out over Charlie’s face. She can tell these pictures and explanations are catching his interest so all she needs to do now is put the cherry on top.

And she thinks this next section will do just that.

About LED Underwater Pond Lights

“Here we go, this is what I need to know,” Charlie rhymes with a smile.

Lighting a water feature with stainless steel or polycarbonate fixtures is the best choice. They don’t have any toxins that can leak out and hurt your fish and pond. Speaking of hurting your fish, LEDs are far less likely to do that because they don’t get nearly as hot as other bulbs.

“Hot ponds don’t sound good for koi fish,” Donna says.

a pond filled with lots of water next to a waterfall.

Maintenance For Pond Lights

Plants will block the light, lenses will get cloudy, and cords can suffer damages that cause the lights to go out. While they are waterproof, something can happen to loosen it and cause water damage.

You’ll want to maintain or have someone maintain your underwater lights every 3-6 months. This way they’ll keep shining for your enjoyment, even through the winter:

a snow covered ground with a light shining on it.

Will They Light Up Their Water Feature?

“Wow, they did a really great job lighting up our water feature,” Charlie remarks.

Donna just smiles and nods as she looks out over her backyard. The lights glimmer in the water as the ripples flow from the waterfall. Their koi fish aren’t afraid of the underwater pond lights anymore so now they’re back out to swim and play.

It looks great, just like their friend’s stream with lighting project.