Building A Stream For Homeowners To Relax Beside In Maryland

Clients Had Us Build This Backyard Water Feature For Them To Relax Near And Enjoy For Years

You too can enjoy a wonderful water feature in your backyard. Our clients had us building a stream for their home so they can enjoy the sights and sounds of water without having to leave. With proper care, it can bring them happiness for many years. Let’s see how it turned out.

After day 1 of building a stream

Our Yard Needs Something More

“What do you think our yard could use Chandler?”

Chandler looks over at Monica as she stares out over their yard from the deck. He raises an eyebrow questioningly, saying “What do you mean?”

“I mean it feels like our yard needs something….something more. It looks great but it feels incomplete now.”

Chandler thinks about it for a minute before he suddenly remembers, “I think I know what you mean. After seeing the Smith’s water feature our yard does seem like it’s missing something. It’s probably a water feature!”

Monica’s eyes light up as she realizes he’s right. She pulls out her phone and starts looking up pond companies near her to see what she can find.

Finding Someone To Build A Stream

Chandler walks over to see what Monica is doing. He finds her looking through a streams brochure on a pond contractor’s website.

He has to admit, whoever they are they do good work:

The couple continues to research pond contractors and talk about what kind of water feature they want. They decide their project will be building a stream. After making calls and emails they decide to hire Premier Ponds to do their project.

Building A Stream Day 1

Premier Ponds arrives right on time and starts working on building Monica and Chandler’s stream:

Chandler gets home from work and immediately goes out back to see what it looks like.

“I mean, at least it has a stream shape,” he says to himself. Basically it looks like a giant rut with a tarp covering it, like someone’s trying to hide whatever they did. They were told this kind of thing isn’t out of the ordinary.

Monica arrives and says the same thing. They’re both excited and interested to see how it turns out.

Day 2 Of The Stream Project

“Hey it looks a lot more like a stream today”

Rocking out this water feature is part of building a stream

All the rocks lining the rut are really pulling it together. Now it looks less like a mess and more like…well, organized mess.

Stream Project Day 3

“We have running water now?!” Monica gasps in excitement:

Turning on the water

The water slips and slides down the rocks and splashes over waterfalls to create a peaceful and relaxing sound. Just watching it run fills Monica and Chandler with excitement.

They can’t wait to see what it looks like with lights in it and mulch lining the sides.

The (Almost) Finished Stream

“It’s gorgeous!

Finished stream with LED lighting and mulch

It finally looks like a real stream. All the couple needs to do to complete the look is choose and plant plants next to it. Then it’ll look like they found the stream and built their home around it.

Neither of them can believe the transformation they’ve seen:

Best. Idea. Yet.

Monica thinks this was one of the best ideas they’ve had this year. They can sit on their deck and watch the water tumble down as it laughs it’s way from the top to the bottom of the stream.

They just have to make sure it stays that way by occassionally using a maintenance service.