How To Control Pond Algae For A Clean And Clear Pond

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You must know about pond algae before you can control it. Not eliminate entirely, just control. Entire elimination is bad for a pond’s ecosystem. Let me explain more about algae and it’s importance.

What Is Pond Algae?

Algae is a plant that can be microscopic in size or as big as seaweed. It’s usually green, brown, or red in color. Algae easily adapt to its environment, meaning it can exist in any sort of water, even waste municipal water. Algae is an autotroph and grow through photosynthesis, meaning that it turns sunlight and CO2 into food to make more algae!

What’s this mean for your pond though?

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Pond Algae: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Algae has a purpose in your pond. It helps the pond ecosystem by:

  • Removing some nitrates and phosphates
  • Aerating the pond
  • Feeding fish via phytoplankton, a naturally occurring micro-algae

Algae’s good because it helps to filter your pond. Just don’t allow too much growth or you could be looking at an algae pit instead of a pond. This prevents you from enjoying your aquatic plants and your fish. If you can’t see your fish, how’re you supposed to know if they’re healthy or sick?

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How to Deal with Pond Algae

Premier Ponds likes to go about pond algae in three different ways:

Use them separately or together, either way, the algae’s reduced and you’re happier. Premier Ponds prefers the IonGen system because it does more than filter your pond. If you have any further questions…

Premier Ponds can help.