Review of the Aquascape IonGen System

/Review of the Aquascape IonGen System

Algae Does What?

Algae breathe at night. During the day it produces oxygen, but at night it takes in oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. Pretty cool, right?

Too bad it doesn’t look that good:

Pond Algae

Algae can easily overtake your pond if it isn’t controlled properly, throwing off the pond’s ecosystem. Back in the day, it took a good amount of work to maintain your pond. Now, it’s a simple installation. There’s a system that can manage your pond for you extremely well.

What’s this amazing device?!

Aquascape Ion-Gen System

This electronic device drastically reduces spring and fall maintenance, allowing you to spend your time relaxing next to your water feature instead of maintaining it! It effectively kills algae without using traditional liquid chemicals.

How’s It Work?

It’s designed with a microprocessor that sends a signal to an ion producing probe. The probe dispenses copper and silver ions into the water which act to control algae. It can be set to different levels depending on the pond size or the extent of the algae problem.

The IonGen’s compatible with water containing fish and plants. Aquatic plants absorb excess copper, so having a good amount of them is a good idea. The device is also energy efficient, less than $1 per month in electrical costs.

The end result’s about an 80% difference in visible algae! So how does one get installed?

Typical Installation Methods


  1.  In a Skimmer –our personal preference as to best and most effective location. It’s easy to check on and in constant contact with moving water, the perfect combination. It’s generally tied to the check valve plumbing and hung a few inches below water level.
    The copper bars on the probe will have a light green crust form on it. This needs to be scraped off to keep the IonGen working properly.
    Ion-gen system
  2. In the Plumbing Line – if not a skimmer, the plumbing line’s the next best place. A threaded probe fitting is screwed into a fitting that attaches to the plumbing line. Water also flows through here, making it a good place for the probe.
    The downside: to service it, the system needs to be shut down and the probe disconnected. The setup is difficult and makes servicing it more work.
  3. Other Locations – If neither the skimmer or plumbing work put the probe in any other place in the water that has sufficient circulation. Streams, waterfalls, and in the waterfall unit can be good places.  If the location you choose is visible, take a few small rocks and hide the probe.

Now you just need to know the settings.


Ludicrous speed, GO! Actually, please don’t put the IonGen on the highest setting at first. Average-sized ponds work well on lower settings in the 1-3 range, but bigger ponds generally need a higher setting. For smaller ponds, start out at 1 or 2. If algae forms, increase the number bit by bit.

The higher the setting, the faster the probe will run out. Most last about 2 seasons and it’s a good idea to get your water feature fully cleaned before installation or replacement. You’ll get better results if the pond has no algae in it at first.

So what about winter?

Winter Settings

Shut it down. The aquatic plants go dormant and won’t extract the copper/silver from the water. If you choose to run it, set it down to 1. Having too much copper or silver in the water isn’t ideal.

Installing an IonGen is ideal, so keep reading to find out how you can get one!

We Install!

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