What Is A Biofalls And Why Does Your Pond Need It?

What Is A Biofalls And Why Does Your Pond Need It?

Learn About This Beautiful Pond Filter And How It Can Help Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Pond

It’s part of the pond puzzle. One of the pieces that cleans your pond water to make it clearer and better for your pond life. You may have seen one already. It’s a big plastic thing that goes at the top of a waterfall.

a picture of a pond with rocks and plants.

A Biofall can help make your pond ecosystem healthier! It provides a home for beneficial bacteria to grow, the kind that remove and break down waste. Ammonia, nitrogen, decaying plant debris, and fish waste are all broken down in the BioFall. It’s a great piece of pond technology that prevents your pond from becoming unhealthy!

But what’s the catch?

One of the biggest challenges with most biological filters on the market is they’re difficult to hide and are often an eyesore. Except when it comes to the Aquascape Biofall! Unlike traditional biological filters, these are hidden into the landscape.  

a series of three pictures of a water feature.

The Biofall can be buried into the ground to create the beginning of a stream or raised to start a beautiful waterfall. The top of this filter can be filled with aquatic plants and accent stones, allowing it to be completely camouflaged. It’ll be better hidden than Rambo!

How does this Rambo of a biofall unit work?

Biofall Bionics

The Biofall unit typically has:

  • Filter mats help to trap solids as the water rushes through them
  • Biological media (usually contained in mesh bags) colonizes good bacteria which break down waste.  It’s then returned back the pond where it can benefit the ecosystem.

They come in different sizes for different-sized ponds too. A microfilter shouldn’t be installed on a 5,000-gallon pond nor a bigger filter for a smaller pond.

a diagram of the parts of a biological filter.

Biofall can be added to existing ponds that do not already have them. Biofall units can also be put on pondless waterfalls to help with the clarity. They make it possible to build a waterfall with both aesthetic and practical perks.

Here’s a double biofall in all it’s glory!

a garden with a pond and a gazebo.

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