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Yearly Pond Maintenance Costs For Your Maryland Koi Pond

See How Much It Can Cost To Keep A Pond Beautiful And Running Smoothly In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

Your pond needs maintaining every so often so it stays as beautiful and amazing as the day you came home to it.

Otherwise, it can start becoming an eyesore in your yard:

Pond in desperate need of maintenance

Clients often tell us how they feel embarrassed to have people over because their pond isn’t looking good. It could be taken over by algae, leaves, and debris, leaving it more filled with that than water.

We don’t want this to happen to anybody, and you don’t have to let it happen to you.

You don’t have to have an embarrassing eyesore for a pond!

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Use pond maintenance services to clear your pond of all that muck so it can once again run as smooth and be as amazing as when you first saw it.

Of course, there is a cost for pond maintenance, but it can be worth it to make a pond do a turnabout like this:

Underneath all that muck a pond paradise was waiting.

So is yours.

Now let’s take a look at what it can cost for you to bring your pond back to its best.

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Average Pond Care Costs

Ongoing Maintenance

The average yearly pond maintenance cost is $3150, with basic ponds starting around $2940. How this breaks down:

  • The average cost for spring maintenance is $1200 ($990 for basic ponds)
  • Summer filter and fall filter cleaning are $500 each plus $400 for fall netting
  • Winter check-up for $300
  • Replacing parts can average $250

This assumes you have the average-size pond.

One-Time Cleanup

For a singular cleanup, the average is $1200 and $990 for basic ponds.

Want To Learn More About Pond Maintenance?

Download Our Free Guide!

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Want To Learn More About Pond Maintenance?

Download Our Free Guide!

I Want The Guide!

Other Pond Maintenance Price Factors

Every pond is unique, and yours is no exception.

Here are some of what can cause your pond maintenance costs to vary.

Size has a lot to do with cost. If you have a larger pond, this means there is more surface area, muck, and debris to clean. More manpower and time means a higher price. On the flip side, if you have a small pond that stays fairly clean it can be much less expensive to maintain.

This video shows some of our team members performing spring maintenance:

Don’t forget about your fish! More fish results in more waste and more cleaning. Ponds with high numbers of large koi have full cleans during the spring and fall with a filter cleaning in the summer.

Pond maintenance is important to the overall health of your pond’s ecosystem.

Find out what an ecosystem backyard pond is >>

Keep Your Pond Your Backyard Paradise

The benefits of a clean, beautiful pond are worth the cost of maintaining it. You can keep it the centerpiece of your backyard for everyone to enjoy.

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