Yard Drainage Solution Project 2019 (Rainwater Harvesting)

See One Way You Can Solve YourDrainage Problem And Beautify You Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Backyard

Does your yard turn swampy when it rains?

The Lowery and Skafsgaard home in Takoma Park, Maryland certainly does. It gets to the point where they know they need a yard drainage solution (or any working solution really).

After it rains the yard is full of standing water. Instead of walking it’s more like splashing around the yard. There doesn’t seem to be a mosquito problem yet but with standing water, it’s always a possibility.

Their yard still feels the effects days after the rain stops. The area quickly turns into a mud pit, making it hard or impossible for anything to grow. It looks like someone tried to patch it. They are tired of having to look at and deal with this swampland.

a puddle of water in the middle of a field.

The rest of their yard is immaculate, making the poor drainage area stick out like a sore thumb. They want to solve this problem in a way that won’t tear up their landscape.

That’s when the Lowery and Skafsgaards come to us (Premier Ponds) again.

Back in 2013, they had us come and install a pond and stream in their backyard (it still looks beautiful by the way, you can see it in the video). They are already familiar with our work and team members, so they reach out to us and together we come up with a plan: a rainwater harvesting system.

You can watch us put their plan into action in this video:

Creating A Beautiful Yard Drainage Solution

Why did they choose a rainwater harvesting system?

One main reason is that it won’t disturb their yard. Unlike a dry creek bed or rain garden, rainwater harvesting systems are underground. This means it won’t add anything to the look of their yard.

But, the Lowery and Skafsgaards are also having a stream and triple stacked slate urns put in over it:

a large black vase sitting in the middle of a garden.

These 3 urns are at the top of a 25′ stream that runs into a pondless basin.

Now they have another beautiful water feature that is also a yard drainage solution. Plus, they can use the rainwater for other purposes, like watering their yard when a summer drought occurs.

You Can Take Back Your Yard Too

“Sweet looks like we hit the jackpot!” says Christina excitedly. Matt frownYou can be like the Lowery/Skafsgaards and take your yard back! They created a beautiful space in their backyard while solving their drainage problem. It’s a win-win for them, and it can be for you too.s. “Well, maybe. Let’s look around the website and blog before we get too caught up in the moment.”

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