Where To Place Security Lights: The Best Places And More

Where To Place Security Lights: The Best Places And More

This Is Where We Recommend Our Clients In Maryland, Virginia, And Washington DC Install Flood Lights And Motion Sensor Lights
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Knowing where to install security lights is a very smart move. It can help you and your loved ones see where they’re going. It can also keep anything from messing with them.

In this post, you can discover outdoor security lighting tips, where to place security lights around your property, types of security lights, and how to control the lights.

It’s A Little Spooky…

“I’d really rather not be walking in the dark, even when it’s up and down the driveway,” says Christina.

Matt looks outside. “Yeah, it gets pretty dark around here, doesn’t it? I’m sure we can get some lights around the house. That’s one of the benefits of landscape lighting.”

Christina sighs in relief. “That would make me feel so much better. Not being able to see that well is a little spooky. I just feel like something’s watching me,” she says, giggling nervously.

“In that case, let’s get some security lights too. I”m sure we can look up where to place security lights,” says Matt confidently. Christina smiles, getting her phone off the charger. “Let’s look it up on Google and see what we can find!” she suggests. Matt nods and they start searching.

Here’s what they dig up:

8 Outdoor Security Lighting Tips For Homes

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1. Place security lights high up so nothing can reach them

2. Use brighter bulbs for higher lights

3. Hide or protect any exposed wires

4. The electrical box needs protection too

5.  More medium-bright lights are better than a few very bright lights

6. The best place for security lights is where they can shine downward

7. Security lights need regular maintenance so they can keep helping you

8. Strategic placement is better than using too many

Where To Install Security Lights On Your House

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There are a few best places to install security lights.

One is above garages, decks, and patios. There’s usually a lot of activity in these places, like walking in and out of the house. It’s great when a light is on, or pops on, so you can see where to walk. It’s also great for telling you when something’s out there.

Another place is over or next to entrances like windows and doors. It makes it easy to see when something is around the door.

A third place to install security lights is on the sides of the house, especially the ones with pathways. It makes walking around your home much less spooky.

Where To Place Security Lights In Your Yard

a patio with a brick walkway and a metal fence at night.

Along pathways. Pathway lighting can help people see where to walk when going to the door or around your amazing backyard.

Around water features. Water features like pools or ponds should have lights around them to keep people from taking an unintentional dip. You can also use underwater lights. This creates a beautiful look and people can see the edges.

In tall trees. You can use the landscape moon-lighting technique to create a beautiful look and a safer yard. It’s a fantastic lighting technique because it mimics the moon. It’ll brighten larger areas of a yard.

Around your perimeter. You don’t have to create a moat of light around your property. Lighting up the darker areas works just as well. Wooded areas, fences, walls, and the end of the driveway are enough.

Types Of Security Lights

  • Motion sensor lights

  • Timer lights

  • Floodlights

  • Pathway lights

  • Underwater lights

How To Control Security Lights

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Motion detectors are the most popular option. They’ll turn on when they sense motion from anything with body heat. This way it doesn’t go off when a lot of leaves blow by or anything. They’ll pick up on people walking towards your home and animals (like pesky, trash-digging raccoons). They can work with almost any light.

Timers are a great security light addition. Timers can switch which lights are on at which time. You can control how you want your yard to look by having certain lights on at certain times. It can also help reduce lighting costs.

Photocells are one of our favorites for landscape lighting. These are basically on-off switches that use the sun. They are mostly dusk-to-dawn lights. This means they turn on when it starts getting dark and off when it becomes lighter. Photocells are great because they are automatic and low maintenance.

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“Maybe we could do it on our own,” says Christina. Matt shrugs. “I’m not sure we want to, though. Sounds like a lot of work and high places. Let’s see what else is on this blog while we talk it over.”


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