What is an Exploratory Pond Cleaning?

/What is an Exploratory Pond Cleaning?

Exploratory and analyzation services are all the DC metro area for 2017

Let’s run through a scenario:

You are buying a home or have recently purchased one and it has a water feature/pond. Is it smart to hire a professional pond company to clean, access, and educate you on the system you have? Yes. Yes, it is. Having a true pond professional figure out and explain to you what you have and what you need to do for maximum enjoyment can save a lot of headaches down the road.

As we know not all ponds are created equal and having extensive pond knowledge will allow a good company to do this. Let’s face it, “peace of mind” is everything! It is a state of mental and emotional calmness, with no worries, fears or stress. In this state, the mind is quiet and you experience a sense of happiness and freedom. Escaping from the stresses of life by beautiful and enjoyable pond will definitely create “Peace of Mind!”

Exploratory Pond Cleaning In Stevenson, Maryland

This past summer 2016 a homeowner in Stevenson, Maryland contacted us after they purchased a home earlier in the year. This home had a backyard pond that was pea green and appeared not to have a functioning motor. Or at least none that they could visibly see. Shocking to believe, but this homeowner was given no instruction at all about this pond. It was the green monster that sat in their backyard preventing them from outdoor living.

Shortly after they had moved in, they started to tackle some of the less intimidating projects of the house. When the weather started warming up they decided to move their efforts to the backyard. The pond that they inherited was just sitting there lifeless except for a few overgrown masses of aquatic plants that poked up through the thick green algae-choked water. It was quite evident that they had no idea where to begin figuring things out. So, they decided to hire a professional to come in and make sense of it. What does that mean exactly? Well, let’s break down what the Premier Team did.

The Premier Ponds team has a process for helping homeowners understand their newly inherited ponds:

The first step was to drain out all the water in the pond so they can see what was going on. All aquatic life (fish, frogs, etc.) were placed in large holding tubs. The plants remained in the pond. Once the water was out, everything in the pond was examined and explained to the homeowners. It is always important for one homeowner to be present to actually see and understand what is happening. This was time well spent as trying to understand through a phone conversation can be very difficult.

The filters were also cleaned and inspected at that time. At the end of the cleaning Premier Ponds provided the homeowner (a written report if desired) a report of all their findings. Basically, the Premier Ponds team explained to this new pond owner what they have, and what they can do to make it better and lower maintenance.

The findings of the exploratory pond cleaning on the pond in Stevenson, MD were the following:

  • It was extremely dirty and had loads of algae.
  • It also had no functioning motor (for water circulation).
  • It had no pond filters.
  • It did, however, have some small goldfish, some clumps of thriving iris, and the pond itself was holding water (meaning the pond liner was good).

To give the homeowners their peace of mind, Premier installed a pond motor that was specially designed to sit at the bottom of the pond (since adding a skimmer with a motor was a little over the customer budget). All the plumbing was replaced with commercial grade pond plumbing. A biological filter/waterfall was added. Fish caves and a system to control algae were also installed. The large clumps of aquatic plants growing directly in the rock and gravel were thinned out and other varieties of potted aquatic plants were added making this formerly green pond beautiful once again.

Having a clean pond with a good recirculating pump and proper filtration (biofalls & aquatic plants) will allow the new home and pond owners to actually relax and enjoy their backyard and not stress over trying to fix it up themselves.

If you are selling a home with a water feature or have recently purchased one in the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas contact Premier Ponds today and get set up with our peace of mind exploratory cleaning service.

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