What Are Pond Auto Fill Devices And Their Benefits?

What Are Pond Auto Fill Devices And Their Benefits?

Make Your Low Maintenance Pond Even Easier To Have For Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia Pond Owners

Do you like going outside during summer to enjoy your pond only to have to top it off first?

It would be great if you didn’t have to. It’s almost like having to fill up your toilet every time before you use it.

Heat and lack of rain can lower pond water levels, meaning you’ll need to have a wrestling match with the hose before you can fill it up.

You usually end up a little wet and dirty by the end of the match.

Not only is it frustrating to have to fill up your pond but it’s annoying when you have those little wet spots on your clothes. You also may not be sure if you need to treat the water from the hose first for your fish or plants.

Pond owners ask us questions about this quite often. We tell them what they need to know and end it with how they can avoid this situation.

You only need to add this 1 part to your pond to put an end to this:

Imagine no more wrestling with the garden hose (getting that little bit of water on your clothes in the process) or working to enjoy your pond again.

Instead, you can walk outside and enjoy it knowing your pond is how it should be: amazing.

The one part you need: a pond auto fill device.

A pond auto fill device allows your pond to fill up with water to a certain level before cutting off. It’s basically like the float you see in toilets controlling how much water fills up. You attach it to your garden hose, which will be fine as you’ll soon find out.

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Why Pond Auto Fill Devices Are Good For Ponds

If you are barely topping off your pond then municipal water is ok. Any hard minerals or chlorine comes in small enough doses that your pond should be able to handle it.

But if you are topping it off with more than 15% of the water then you’ll need a dechlorinator. Or if you forget to take the house out.

Of course, you can avoid these issues by using an automatic filling device (or having a pondless water feature).

Your auto fill system will periodically allow in a little bit of water, just enough to keep the pond full without flooding it with municipal water. The fish and plants will be just fine and your pond will be full.

As for pondless water features, this device can keep a small pool of water at the bottom full and/or help keep the appropriate amount of water cycling through.

You do less work and your pond works better, it sounds like a win-win!

Speaking of work, let’s look what you’d need to do to install this pond auto fill device.

How To Install Pond Auto Fill Devices In 5 Steps

You will want a brass Y connector for your spigot, a ¼” diameter poly pipe, and the automatic pond filling device.

  1. Connect the brass Y connector to the spigot (one side is for your pond and the other for your hose)
  2. Attach ¼” poly pipe to the pond side of the Y connector
  3. Hide the poly pipe underground as it leads to your pond
  4. Attach the poly pipe to the float, usually inside your skimmer
  5. Adjust the float as necessary


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Brass Y connectors won’t freeze or crack, but we recommend turning off and disconnecting pond auto fill devices during winter

What If Our Pond Doesn’t Have A Skimmer?

a black plastic container with a green lid.

In this case, or if you have a pondless water feature, you can house the auto filling device in a disguisable irrigation box.

This is beneficial because it is out of the way and there can be no false reading from a clogged skimmer basket. But, it is hard to check and service in an irrigation box.

If your pond doesn’t have a skimmer, getting one can make your life so much easier.

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Work Less And Enjoy More

Your pond should be a low maintenance piece of paradise in your backyard. Unless you like doing more frequent maintenance on your pond, a pond auto fill device may be just what you’re looking for.

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