What Are Bollard Lights And How Do You Best Use Them?

What Are Bollard Lights And How Do You Best Use Them?

People Near You Are Using Bollard Lights In Several Ways To Brighten Their Home’s Landscape

This type of landscape light fixture can be a great addition to several different parts of your home exterior and landscape.

In this post, you can find out what bollard lights are. You can also discover the best uses for them, 4 styles, and how you can set them up.

a house lit up at night with a pathway leading to the front door.

What Are Bollard Lights?

Bollard lights are simply lights on a certain type of post. People commonly use them to light pathways and driveways. They also create a barrier that keeps cars where they’re supposed to be. You can find them in 4 different styles.

What Are The 4 Styles Of Bollard Lights?

These light fixtures can be round or square, flat or dome top, and have different reflectors inside. These reflectors restrict where the light shines, keeping it from shining where it doesn’t need to. The sizes vary as well.

1. Louver

The light points towards the ground and the bulb can’t be seen, making it great for paths, natural areas, and oceanfront properties.

2. Standard Cone Reflector

The light shines 360 degrees, lighting everything around it.

3. Specialized Cone Reflector

Best for LED lights because they reflect the light down and out, minimizing glare and light pollution.

4. Type V Glass Reflectors

This style of bollard light creates a more intense, 360-degree shine, making it best if you’re trying to use fewer fixtures.

What Are The Best Uses For Bollard Lights?

1. Brighten Pathways

These lights can show people where to walk so they don’t walk on your plants.

2. Illuminate Driveways

You can use multiple of these light fixtures to keep cars on the driveway so your plants and lawn don’t get tire marks.

3. Enlighten Natural Areas

You can put them in natural areas to show off the amazing landscaping around your home.

What Are The Best Ways To Setup Bollard Lights?

You can line them up in a straight row or stagger them.

The straight lines are nice and orderly, but it can make it look like you’re trying to land a plane. This setup is good for pathways and especially great for driveways.

Staggering the lights is a way to create a more unique look using your lights. You can use this setup for pathways, driveways, and natural areas.

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