Uses For Landscape Spot Lights

Uses for Landscape Spot Lights

Landscape Spot Lights for your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home

Light the Main Stage!

Landscape spot lights can make your home’s exterior stand out like the star of the show. You can use them to illuminate areas or a main focal point such as a statue. There are different types of spot lights at your disposal depending on the setup of your yard. It all depends on how you want to set up your stage. Don’t confuse them with floodlights, there are a few major differences. Keep reading to learn what spot lights are and how they differ from floodlights.

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What Are Landscape Spot Lights?

You can compare it to a flashlight, the ones you can twist to adjust the spread of light. Landscape spot lights produce a strong cone of light, and you can change the angle and intensity. What makes them different from floodlights is the broadness of the light beam. Spot lights cannot exceed more than 45 degrees while floodlights can make light beams up to 120 degrees. So they are best for illuminating certain, smaller areas while floodlights cover wide ranges. You’ll want to make sure you use the correct wattage or the bulbs will burn out very quickly. In terms of what’s best to spot light, you can find out in the next section.
a black and white photo of a light in the dark.

What To Spot Light

Highlight the entry! Homeowners commonly use a landscape spot lights to bathe their front doors in light. This can add curb appeal since doors are what people’s eyes are first drawn to. People also use one of the many types of outdoor wall sconces. It’s an inviting look for guests, making them wonder what’s beyond the light. If their front door looks that good I wonder what the rest of the house is like?

Spot lights are also ideal for accenting focal features. These can include any architectural designs, other entrances, water features, statues, and more. You can also light up your yard! Enjoy your yard at night as well, maybe for some outdoor conversation or letting the kids out to play. But you’ll want to read the next section about proper placement first.

a house with a light shining on the side of it.

Best Places For Landscape Spot Lights

Spot lights go on the main event! But, for the front, it depends on how far back your house is from the road. The closer it is, the fewer landscape spot lights you should install. The farther back it is, the more you’ll need to see the house. As for installation, you can do in two ways.

You can mount them on trees or structures for downlighting or stake them into the ground for uplighting. Each has a different effect on how the area is seen. From an aesthetics point of view, the actual fixture and wires should be out of sight. The wires are usually buried underground so it’s not a problem. Remember, the object and the light are the stars of the show, not the light fixture itself.

a couple of lights that are on a tree.

You Are The Star

Remember, it’s your home and your stage, so make it shine as brightly as you do! Well, not too brightly, you might blind yourself and others while lighting your home. Disneyland should remain in Florida and not move into people’s yards. Speaking of yards, landscape spot lights aren’t the only type of outdoor light either. There are plenty more you can use to turn your home into a piece of landscape art. Of course, landscape lighting isn’t free, no matter who’s installing it.

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