18 Types Of Water Features People Love In Their Backyards

18 Types Of Water Features People Love In Their Backyards


Are you thinking about putting a water feature in your backyard? But you aren’t really sure which one is right for you, correct?

You’re about to discover 18 different types of water features that you can put in your backyard, each one guaranteed to add some flavor to your outdoor space.

By the end of this article, you’ll be much closer to making a final decision (if you haven’t by the time you get to the last one!)

18 Types Of Water Features For Backyards



1. Ecosystem Pond 

An ecosystem pond is one of the most popular backyard water features due to its low maintenance needs and visual appeal. It’s essentially an open-water system, meaning that it contains plants, animals, and bacteria that all work together to keep the pond clean and healthy. These ponds tend to be more shallow than other types of ponds, between 2 and 4 feet. 


  • Looks natural
  • Wide variety of design and style choices
  • Low-maintenance


  • Can be expensive
  • Needs seasonal professional maintenance

2. Manmade Pond 


Manmade ponds can range from small decorative pools up to large fish-friendly ecosystems complete with rock formations, waterfalls, and even caves! The possibilities are endless when it comes to manmade ponds; however, they do require more maintenance since they usually rely on pumps and filters for circulation and filtration. 


  • Easy to care for
  • Looks modern


  • Needs more maintenance
  • Doesn’t look natural

3. Water Garden 


If you have limited space available in your yard, a water garden might be just what you need. Water gardens are essentially container-based systems (like pots or tubs) that contain aquatic plants and sometimes small fish as well. They don’t require much space but still offer plenty of visual appeal. Plus, their small size makes them much easier to maintain than larger water features. 


  • Great for plant lovers
  • Looks incredible


  • Needs more upkeep
  • Not as impressive

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Pondless Water Features

4. Streams


Streams offer a natural-looking addition to any outdoor area. You can choose from pre-fabricated streams with rocks, fish, and plants already built-in or create your own with gravel, stones, and plants. You can play with stream designs to find the right one for your home. If you’re looking for a unique feature that will bring your backyard to life, consider building a stream! 


  • Fits into almost any size space
  • Low-maintenance
  • Calming sounds


  • Pricier to install and run

5. Pondless Waterfalls 


Pondless waterfalls consist of cascading water over rocks and stones without an actual pond at the end. They are easy to maintain and don’t require as much space as traditional ponds or pools. Plus, they look great! 


  • Fits in small areas
  • Safer than waterfalls with another feature
  • Low-maintenance


  • It can be expensive to install and operate

6. Tabletop Water Feature 

Tabletop water features usually consist of small fountains that sit on top of tables or other furniture pieces. This type of feature is perfect for those who want an elegant touch without taking up too much space in their backyard. 


  • Big effect for small feature
  • Easy to care for

7. Bird Baths 

Bird baths come in all shapes and sizes and make beautiful additions to gardens and patios alike. Not only do they add visual interest, but they also provide birds with much-needed hydration during those hot summer months.


  • Attracts birds
  • Fits most anywhere


  • Can attract other animals



8. Statue Fountains

These classic designs feature a fountain in the center, typically adorned by a statue or sculpture. Statue fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that fits perfectly into your backyard space.


  • Unique
  • Conversation piece


  • Runs on electricity

9. Wall Fountains

Wall fountains have become increasingly popular over the past few years because they provide homeowners with an impressive visual element without taking up too much space. Many wall fountain designs have adjustable height settings, so you can adjust the flow rate depending on what kind of effect you’re going for—from subtle trickles to powerful jets—and also customize it based on the size and shape of your yard. 


  • Impressive
  • Old-world style


  • Difficult installation

Other Types Of Fountains


There are many other types of fountains for backyards, such as basalt, spillway bowls, and urn.

10. Rain Curtain

Rain curtains are perfect for small spaces since they don’t require any additional installation—just hang them up wherever you want! They work by suspending several thin rods from an overhead structure, then allowing water droplets to slowly cascade down each rod-like tiny strings of pearls—creating beautiful visuals as well as soothing sounds reminiscent of rainfall on leaves.


  • Unique focal point
  • Flexible design options
  • Low-maintenance


  • Kids will run around it
  • Location is essential

11. Waterwalls 

Waterwall closeup

These large-scale installations feature cascading streams that create beautiful visuals while providing calming sounds that mimic the sound of a gentle waterfall—without needing any additional maintenance or pumps! Waterwalls are especially effective when used alongside accent lighting systems, which will further enhance their ambiance after dark and make them even more eye-catching during daytime hours as well. 


  • Classic feature
  • Many design choices
  • Eye-catching


  • Expensive maintenance
  • Can bring in wildlife
  • Kids will want to play with it

12. Waterfall


The sound and sight of cascading water is calming, making a waterfall an ideal choice for those who want an oasis-like atmosphere in their outdoor space. A waterfall can also be quite large, creating an impressive focal point in the yard or garden. Waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes, so they’re easy to customize based on your budget and desired aesthetic. There are many great waterfall ideas.


  • Timeless look
  • It can be integrated with other features or be on its own
  • Relaxing sight and sound


  • Can get costly
  • Needs professional maintenance twice annually

13. Scuppers

Scuppers are wall-mounted fixtures that allow water to flow over them into a basin or pond below. These features are often used as decorative elements around pools, spas, or other bodies of water. Scuppers come in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can find one that fits the look you’re going for in your backyard. They can also be illuminated with LED lighting for added ambiance after dark. 


  • Many style choices
  • Won’t go out of style


  • Complex installation
  • Can be pricy

14. Laminar Jets

Laminar jets shoot streams of water straight up out of their nozzles at varying speeds depending on how much pressure is applied by pumps beneath them. They provide an interesting visual element when placed around pools or ponds while also creating gentle ripples that move through the surrounding waters – making them perfect for meditation gardens or areas where relaxation is key! Laminar jets come in both standalone models as well as kits that include multiple jets connected by piping systems which allow you to customize their patterns however you like.


  • Visually interesting
  • Add LED lights for more interest


  • Complex installation
  • Difficult to repair

15. Sconces 

Sconces are another way to add visual interest to a body of water, such as a pool or fountain. These fixtures are mounted directly onto the walls surrounding these features and spray arcs of water into the air before returning them back into the pool or fountain below them. Sconces typically come in two varieties: stationary sconces that spray at fixed intervals or adjustable sconces that allow you to adjust the size and shape of their spray patterns using remote-control technology. 


  • Lower price range
  • Variety of style options


  • Needs another water feature
  • Complex installation

16. Bubblers

A bubbler is a type of fountain that sprays or spouts jets of water into the air. It is typically made up of a basin filled with rocks and water, with gently bubbling water cascading over them. They can also be additions to other water features, both adding visual interest and aeration to the water. This type of water feature is perfect if you want to create more ambiance in your backyard without taking up too much space. Plus, it’s easy to install and maintain. 


  • Inexpensive


  • Higher maintenance levels

17. Swimming Pool

Newly installed swimming pool

If you’re looking for a larger option, consider installing a swimming pool in your backyard. Swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your budget and yard size perfectly. Installing a swimming pool can be expensive, but it will add value to your home and provide hours of fun for family and friends during the summer months. 


  • Fun and modern
  • Great for families


  • High maintenance level
  • Can attract wildlife

18. Natural Swimming Pool

Natural swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular due to their eco-friendly design and aesthetic appeal. They use natural filtration systems instead of chlorine or other chemical treatments to keep the water clean. The result is crystal-clear waters with no dangerous chemicals or toxins — perfect for swimming in! Natural swimming pools often look like ponds since they feature aquatic plants around their edges instead of concrete walls, which gives them an attractive look that will blend seamlessly into any outdoor setting. 


  • Looks natural
  • Mostly maintains itself


  • Attracts wildlife

Find Your Water Feature With Premier Ponds

Whether it’s pond or pondless or another type, water features are a great addition to any backyard and can really help you boost your curb appeal. People love having a water feature in their yard because it’s visually appealing, relaxing, and can even increase the value of your home.

If you’re thinking about adding a more natural water feature to your backyard, we can help! Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or fill out our contact form today!