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We were not at home on Sunday when Jason came to power wash our flagstone patio. When we arrived back home our jaws dropped when we saw the job he did! We have lived here for nearly 6 years and had no idea that the potential for such a beautiful patio lurked underneath the one we saw every day!!! It looks stunning! He also did the bridge over the pond, a stone bench and other various items that sat nearby. In addition, our pond was winterized and looks better than ever. We are always impressed by your team of dedicated people who show such wonderful attention to every detail. Thanks to you and your whole team of experts!

Bonney Dugan
We love our pond! Our family, friends and neighbors love our pond! Every day is different as there is always something exciting or new to appreciate. We did not know that our first bullfrog would ‘move in’ on the first night. We did not know that pond plants have such unique and beautiful flowers. We did not expect to have 10 baby fish in just a few months. It is where we like to start and end our day. Sometimes, we even come in the back door just so we can visit the pond on the way in. The guys at Premier Ponds are professional, fun, knowledgeable and helpful. Our only regret is that we waited so many years to call them.”
Renee Williamson, Silver Spring, Maryland
We love our pond! The sound of the water falling is the most relaxing, refreshing way to start your day. We go out every morning and have our coffee by the pond. Premier Ponds has been wonderful to work with and we plan on building a pond at our new home.
Robyn Collins, Potomac, Maryland
We wanted to thank you for the wonderful stream and waterfall you made for us. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. It is exactly what we wanted. It is beautiful, relaxing and wonderful to sit by and enjoy. Our only regret is that we didn’t start the process earlier so that we could have been enjoying it much sooner. Thank you so much Steve Mike and all the guys.”
Steve & Cynthia Queen, Edersburg, Maryland
There is such a pleasure, comfort, peacefulness and beauty now that I have my pond. My family meets there in the evenings to enjoy and discuss our days. Neighbors drop by to appreciate and comment on the beauty. Thanks to premiere ponds, and the in the of the neighborhood. Even in the winter I enjoy looking at the ever-changing, icy waterfall.”
Kathy Makoltz, Laurel, Maryland
As a Prince George’s master gardener, the pond finished my garden by adding the water element. Not only the birds, but also the butterflies enjoy basking on the warmed rocks. The fish and turtles are fun for my grandchildren who look for the ever changes in nature. The pond is well worth the investment.”
Gloria Hynes , Laurel, Maryland
It’s extraordinary how a relatively small pond like ours and at such a dramatic dimension to our home – texture, sound, lights, color, variety and contentment – through all four seasons.
Michael O’Sullivan and Jan Fox , Bethesda, Maryland
Chris and I wanted to say thanks again for the amazing job you did for rescuing our pond. It’s really beautiful. I can’t get over how quickly the pond and patio all come together, and you were wonderful to fit us in your schedule so that it would be done by the time we hosted the baby shower at the end of the month. Everyone at the party complimented us on the relaxing atmosphere of waterfall, fish, and plants. I can’t imagine a harder working or nicer group of people. Please extend our thanks to them as well.
Lee Pilzer, Silver Spring, Maryland