Pond Algae Control Costs For Chemical vs. Natural Methods

Backyard pond filled with algae

Algae Battles In Your Backyard Oasis Have you ever gazed at your backyard koi pond only to find it overtaken by unsightly algae? Do you feel overwhelmed by the myriad of options and costs associated with keeping your pond pristine? In this post, we’ll navigate the murky waters of algae control, comparing the costs (and […]

Aquatic Plants In Maryland: Native vs. Non-Native Species For Backyard Koi Ponds

Lush aquatic plants keeping a pond clean and clear

Cultivating A Koi Kingdom: Planting The Seeds Of Knowledge For Maryland Pond Enthusiasts Do your koi glide through the water like royalty, but their kingdom lacks the luster of a well-tended realm? Have you ever paused, wondering what plants you could add to make your pond look more natural and beautiful? In this post, you’ll […]

UV Sterilizers vs. Ozone Treatments For Pond Water Clarity

Drawing of UV water clarifier

The Clear Choice: UV Sterilizers vs. Ozone Treatments For Pristine Pond Water Ever looked at your pond, only to be met with a murky, green water surface that obscures the vibrant life beneath? Have you tried countless methods to clear your pond water, but still find yourself battling with stubborn algae blooms? We’re going to […]

Pond Pump Comparison For Pond Owners In Baltimore: Submersible vs. External

Premier Ponds member putting a submerged pond pump in a koi pond in Maryland

The Best Pump Type For Your Pond Ever scratched your head trying to understand the difference between external and submersible pond pumps? Or wondered which one is best for your backyard pond? In this blog post, we’ll decode these pond tools and help you figure out which pump is the best fit for your pond, […]

Koi Pond Treatments: Preventative vs. Reactive

Clean koi pond thanks to koi pond treatments

Are you still in the research stage of installing a backyard koi pond, or did you just get it? Do you need to know what kind of treatments will best maintain it? In this post, you’ll learn about preventative and reactive koi pond treatments. You’ll feel better prepared to keep your pond looking beautiful using […]