Types Of Aquatic Plants For Ponds, 11 Of Our Favorites, And More

a little girl looking at a flower in a pond.

Types Of Aquatic Plants For Ponds And 11 Of Our Favorites You’ll Want These 11 Pond Plants To Beautify Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Pond You can use these 11 aquatic plants for ponds to make your pond look more natural and beautiful: water poppies, dwarf cattails, corkscrew rush, moneywort, yellow iris, thalia, water […]

Pond Bog Filters: What Are They And Why Get One?

a backyard with a pond and a house in the background.

Pond bog filters are an area of soft, naturally waterlogged ground around ponds that help cleanse the water and provide an area for more plants to grow. They help remove excess nutrients from pond water to help keep your pond clearer and cleaner.