Summer Pond Cleaning Tips That You Need To Know

Summer Pond Cleaning Tips That You Need To Know

You Can Find Out How To Best Care For Your Pond During Summer In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

You can find out what you need to do to keep your pond clean and functional during summer. These summer pond cleaning tips can help you keep it that way.

Find out what they are in the post below-

Do We Need To Do Any Summer Pond Maintenance?

“Summer is here, so what do we need to do for our pond?” asks Matt.

Christina absently twirls some of her hair around her finger. “I know we need to keep doing the little bit of maintenance we normally do. Outside of that, I’m not too sure.”

Matt goes and flops down next to her on the couch. “Well, then, let’s look up some Maryland summer pond cleaning tips and stuff. We did invest a lot of money into that pond, so we need to keep it looking as amazing as you,” he flirts.

“Stop it,” Christina giggles as she pulls out her phone. “Let’s look it up on Google and see what we can find. It worked when we looked up the spring pond cleaning steps.” The two search on their own for a few minutes before coming back together to share what they found.

Here is what they need to do for their pond during the summer:

8 Summer Pond Cleaning Tips

1. Clean your pond filters

These are what help your pond stay clean and clear. Filter pads also get dirty and nasty and need a good hosing so they can be effective.

Cleaning debris out of the skimmer helps the skimmer do its job. It also prevents the debris from breaking down and feeding algae. You need to check on your skimmers once per week to make sure they stay clear.

2. Measure your water levels

Check the level of your water every couple of weeks to make sure there is enough in your pond. Our Maryland summers can cause the water in your pond to evaporate, lowering the water level. You may have to top it up with the garden hose.

An autodoser can help keep your pond water at the right level for you.

If you have fish, be sure to use a water treatment! Fish are sensitive to changes in the water, and too much untreated water they aren’t used to can hurt them.

3. Make sure your fish have enough shade 

Your pond should have been built in an area that allows for some shade to fall on the pond. This is especially important if you have fish. The water can get hot and they have no way to cool off.

If your pond isn’t in a shady spot, consider adding in some floating aquatic plants.

4. Water treatments

Use water treatments to fight algae and make sure your pond water stays beautiful. It can also help balance the pond’s pH levels, keeping all the life in it happy and healthy.

We recommend using more natural treatments or anything from Aquascape.

5. Remove any decaying vegetation

Sadly, plants can’t last forever. They eventually start decaying and can feed algae and cause a bloom in your pond. They can also start giving your pond a bad odor.

6. Remove any algae buildup

All ponds need some algae because it’s part of the natural ecosystem. But, too much can lead to disastrous results.

This is why taking out some of the algae is a great summer pond maintenance tip! You’ll keep your pond healthy and clean.

7. Reduce the amount of oxygenating plants

Oxygenating plants are great because they help keep the water fresh and healthy. This makes fish and plants happy and healthy too.

But, as with algae, too much can be a bad thing. They can start taking over your pond if left uncontrolled.

8. Weed around the margins of your pond

This is to help keep your pond looking nice and trim as well as keep a plant or plants from taking over.

You Can Trust Premier Ponds To Make Your Pond Look Incredible For Summer

This list has several summer pond maintenance tips that call for you to get on your hands and knees. It’s labor-intensive work you have to do in the heat. Not many people have the time, energy, or want to do this.

If that’s the case, you can always bring Premier Ponds out to take care of your pond! Fill out our contact form today so we can start talking about your pond.

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