Summer Pond Cleaning Tips That You Need To Know

Summer Pond Cleaning Tips That You Need To Know

You Can Find Out How To Best Care For Your Pond During Summer In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

You can find out what you need to do to keep your pond clean and functional during summer. These summer pond cleaning tips can help you keep it that way.

Find out what they are in the post below-

We Got Fall, Winter, Spring, And Now…

“Summer is here so what do we need to do for our pond?” asks Matt.

Christina absently twirls some of her hair around her finger. “I know we need to keep doing the little bit of maintenance we normally do. Outside of that, I’m not too sure.”

Matt goes and flops down next to her on the couch. “Well, then, let’s look up some summer pond cleaning tips and stuff. We did invest a lot of money into that pond so we need to keep it looking as amazing as you,” he flirts.

“Stop it,” Christina giggles as she pulls out her phone. “Let’s look it up on Google and see what we can find. It worked when we looked up the spring pond cleaning steps.” The two search on their own for a few minutes before coming back together to share what they found.

Here is what they need to do for their pond during the summer:

Summer Pond Cleaning Tips

  • Clean filters
  • Check water levels every so often
  • Ensure there is enough shade for your fish
  • Use water treatments
  • Clean filters help make for a clean pond! Filter pads get dirty and nasty and need a good hosing off so they can be effective. Cleaning debris out of the skimmer helps the skimmer do its job. It also prevents the debris from breaking down and feeding algae.

    It gets hot during our Maryland summers. The heat and sunlight can cause your water levels to sink from evaporation. An autodoser can help keep your pond water at the right level for you.

People don’t like standing in the heat and the sun all day and neither do your fish. If your pond isn’t in a shady spot, consider adding in some floating aquatic plants

Water treatments keep the water algae-free and help keep the water the proper pH.

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“That doesn’t seem too bad! If our pond does start looking nasty we can always have someone come in and clean it,” Matt points out. Christina nods. “True. I’m going to take a look around and see what else I can find on this website.”

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