Edge Treatments

1,000+ ponds constructed and repaired and 5,000+ ponds cleaned in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia since 2001

Popular Edge treatments

a garden with a small waterfall in the middle of it.

Stepper Edges

Want to get close to your pond without the fear of falling in? A Stepper Edge or Safety Curb is the answer. This secure edge can be walked all over without the fear of falling into the pond. Stepper edges are made of large flat stones that are artistically pieced together and stabilized at the edge of a pond. They can be just a few stones pieced together or an entire row with many steppers. They are perfect for feeding areas and excellent transitions from any surface to your pond.

a child sitting on a lawn chair in a backyard.

Beach Edges

With a backyard Pond or Pondless feature, there is the possibility of having a real beach front. At the edge of the water, we actually create a beach! It’s an area at the edge of the pond with a gradual slope from outside of the water area extending right down into and below the water. It is filled with real beach sand too. The sand and water feel just like it does at the ocean. Fish love it and so does everyone that sees it. It will encourage you to take off their shoes and get your feet wet.

a young girl sitting on a rock in a garden.

Natural Edges

The natural Edge is a favorite for those who want the look like their pond was created by Mother Nature herself. With the right sizes and combination of stones, and plantings, along with the right positioning you will have a feel like you have found it in nature. These edges blend water features right in with the landscape around it.