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Spring Pond Cleaning In Maryland: The 11-Step Process

This guide to spring pond cleaning can give you the behind the scenes look at our process. You can see how a pond can go from winter worn to spring sparkling.

Your pond isn’t looking its best after winter.

The water can look murky, plants can be dead or dying, and you may even see pond muck covering the botton of your pond. Overall it can look worse for wear. It certainly isn’t the pond you remember installing.

But looks aren’t the only part of your pond that winter can hurt.

Sometimes the mechanics or plumbing isn’t working as well as it should. Unless you fix it you may be seeing a lot more of us than you want to. Maintaining a broken pond is like throwing money into the water. Your yearly pond maintenance costs can quickly increase.

Both of these together can make your pond look like this:

Pond that is mucked and overgrown

It can turn into a real eyesore.

We hear people tell us about how bad it can get. They don’t even want to look outside, much less have people over that can see it. They might even wait until it’s dark to have friends over so nobody can see it.

You don’t have to let winter do this to your pond. The wear of winter can wash away with a spring pond cleaning service. You can restore your pond to its spring glory! Your pond will look beautiful, work smoothly, and once again be the highlight of your home.

This video shows us cleaning a pond for spring:

Let’s go over the 11 step process for spring pond cleaning.

1. Draining Your Pond

Draining your pond gives us the best chance at spotting anything that isn’t right:

  • Malfunctioning mechanics
  • Liner tears
  • Overgrowing plants

And anything else that is out of order. We want to get up close and personal with your pond. If we don’t we may miss something and have to come back again to fix that.

Multiple sump pump drains the water for cleaning a koi pond

Oh, and don’t worry about any fish. Your fish will wait comfortably in temporary housing (a large tub with their old pond water) for a few hours while we clean. They’ll be in a shady spot too so they won’t get too hot.

Speaking of cleaning, we start that with our next step.

2. Cleaning Your Pond Filters

They can get nasty.

Your filters catch brown muck, dead leaves, and who-knows-what else. All of this muck gunks them up. This keeps them from filtering the water as well as they should. This includes the bioballs in the waterfall (which are definitely there if we installed your water feature) and a few other filters.

Clearing out the filters as a part of spring pond cleaning

In this step, we are only removing the larger debris and washing off the bioballs. We can clean the other filters out later when we are cleaning the pond itself.

Speaking of cleaning, let’s start spring cleaning the actual pond!

3. Flush Your Pond

Your pond has a lot of muck in it.

The brown sludge at the bottom has slowly been growing. Thicker and thicker it gets until you can no longer see the beautiful rock and gravel bottom. It’s been gathering there since your pond went into winter hibernation and unless something is done it will continue to take over.

Spring pond cleaning includes flushing out your pond

This is where we come in and flush out most of it.

Some muck needs to be left because, believe it or not, it is actually an important part of your pond’s ecosystem. Mother Nature wasn’t wrong when she let muck appear in her ponds.

Now, let’s go take care of those filters.

Want To Learn More About Pond Maintenance?

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Want To Learn More About Pond Maintenance?

Download Our Free Guide!

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4. Rinse Filter Units

After flushing the pond we can flush the filters (this is why we waited a couple of steps to clean the filters).

This is the basket that holds the actual filter. We’ll get to cleaning that after our next step.

5. Drain Filter Units

Then we get the water out to make sure everything is as clean as can be. Now we get to the actual filter cleaning.

6. Flush Out The Actual Filter

This is what catches all the muck and stuff your pond collects. It’s not the prettiest sight in the world (see that picture on the right).

But it helps your pond to be the prettiest sight you ever did see!

An Ion-Gen probe can also help your pond stay clean and clear, and if your pond has one we’ll take care of that next.

Cleaning filters and media without draining the pond for spring pond cleaning

7. Clean Ion-Gen Probe *if one is installed*

Ion-Gen’s help keep algae levels down without using chemicals. Instead, it uses metal ions like copper and silver. The amount it releases is ok for ponds with fish and plants. 

Sadly, these ions don’t increase the value of your property.

The Ion Gen for pond cleaning

Now we can clean the rest of your pond, starting with a nice pressure wash.

8. Pressure Wash Pond

It may sound illogical, but we won’t completely scrub your pond.

Pressure washing the pond shelves and walls during spring pond cleaning

If we did, your pond wouldn’t be able to take care of itself as well or as quickly. Eventually, your pond would become an eyesore again. Let’s not let this happen.

What we should do is start putting everything back together for you.

9. Put Filters Back Together

It’s like the world’s easiest puzzle.

Your pond will not be left half-clean or partly put back together, we’ll make sure of it. The first step is to put the filters back together and in place. We also check to make sure they are working and nothing is broken. Don’t want to put a almost broken part back in your pond.

Putting a filter back together to wind up a spring pond cleaning

Now we’re just a couple steps away, let’s take it home!

10. Refill Pond & Treat The Water

Your fish will thank you for the water treatment.

We dechlorinate the water so your fish will have an easier time adjusting to the chemical balance of the water. They are sensitive to the makeup and temperature of the water, so we’re sure to introduce your fish the right way.

Check out this video to see our process:

11. Return Your Fish To Their Home

Your fish will love their clean, “new” home, and so will you.

Introducing fish into their new pond water after spring pond cleaning

The only thing left is for you to enjoy your wonderfully clean pond.

This is what should happen during a spring pond cleaning. Your pond should transform before your very eyes, much like this one has:

When Will You Do Your Spring Pond Cleaning?

How long can you afford to wait to get your paradise back? We don’t want your pond to turn into an eyesore, we want it to be an amazing centerpiece for your home.

Do you like our process? Give us a yes or no in the comments below!

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