Solve Water Drainage Problems In Your Yard In 3 Beautiful Ways

Solve Water Drainage Problems In Your Yard In 3 Beautiful Ways

Find 3 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Your Watery Yard Headache In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

Does your yard turn swampy when it rains? Tammy’s certainly does and it is a real problem.

Water drainage problems in yards usually occur because the ground is too flat. Solutions for this problem can include creating a dry creek bed, installing a rainwater harvesting reservoir, or planting a rain garden. They can beautify your yard while solving your water drainage issues.

Tammy’s yard can become very swampy very fast when it rains. Water doesn’t drain the way it should and ends up killing the grass and making it so nothing can grow.

This area really sticks out in contrast to the rest of her thriving yard.

Tammy is looking for a solution to this water drainage problem for the yard that can also make it look amazing. Let’s look at 3 of her favorite solutions.

1. Creating A Dry Creek Bed

This first solution to Tammy’s drainage problem is unique and amazing. Dry creek beds are beautiful when dry and amazingly useful when wet, making them great for looks and function.
a garden with rocks and plants in it.
Average pond cost for the average size pond like this

Shining river rocks or dark stones can wind almost naturally with the curves of her yard. As it rains, she can watch her dry creek bed transform into an actual creek! The extra water flows out of her yard into the creek bed and away.

With the extra water going to areas with better drainage, Tammy won’t have swampy areas anymore.

2. Adding A Rainwater Harvesting Reservoir

This solution to Tammy’s water drainage problem for her yard can save more than her grass (we actually did this exact project in Takoma Park).

It can save her money too.

This is an underground reservoir that collects the excess rainwater and stores it for a time. It slowly seeps out underground, draining her yard and giving her usable water. All she needs to do is turn on her hose.

This reservoir won’t add anything to the look of Tammy’s yard. It’s perfect for if she doesn’t want to add anything new to her yard like a dry creek bed.

You can learn more about this water drainage solution >>

3. Planting A Rain Garden

This is a chance for Tammy to create a new look for her yard.
a small pond in the middle of a sidewalk.

Rain gardens may not totally get rid of the soggy spot in her yard but it can make it look beautiful and alive. Water-loving plants are beautiful and great for helping add drainage to her yard. She would also be helping the environment by reducing runoff and the waste that goes with it.

Tammy can also combine her rain garden with other water drainage solutions in her yard.

Which Solution Is Ideal For You?

Tammy is using one of these 3 water drainage solutions for her yard. She is taking back her yard so she can enjoy it more and add to it if she wants.

Which solution would you choose for the water drainage problem in your yard: creek bed, reservoir, or rain garden? We’d love it if you gave us your opinion in the comments below!