Solar vs Wired Landscape Lights: Which Is Best For Your Home Exterior?

Solar vs Wired Landscape Lights: Which Is Best For Your Home Exterior?

When Clients In Maryland, Washington DC, And Northern Virginia Ask About The Differences Between Solar And Wired Landscape Lighting, This Is What We Tell Them
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Knowing the difference between solar and wired landscape lighting is great to know. It can make the difference between how happy or unhappy you are with your lighting.

In this post, you can find out the 4 main differences between solar and wired landscape lights. You can also discover how they work, some of their pros and cons, and some of the best brands of both.

Do We Want Wired Or Solar Exterior Lights?

“Which would be better for our home exterior, solar or wired lights?” asks Matt.

Christina shrugs. “I’m not too sure. I know a few of the differences between them, like solar gets power from the sun, which means it’s free. Then something about how many lumens are best for outdoor lighting… Anyway, I’m not sure which is best for us though.”

“Well, looks like it’s time to get on Google,” -Matt wriggles his phone out from his pocket- “and look up solar vs wired landscape lighting, see what I can find.”

“Great idea, hon!” says Christina. “Let me know what you find out. The sooner we get these lights the sooner we can enjoy our outdoor area more.”

Here’s what Matt finds out:

Solar vs Wired Landscape Lights

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Solar lights collect and use free, renewable energy from the sun. Compared to wired lights, solar lights are cheaper, easier to install, easier to maintain, and can have different fixture styles. But, they don’t shine as brightly or as long as wired lights.

How Do Solar Landscape Lights Work?

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  1. Sunlight reaches the light fixture
  2. The solar panels absorb the energy
  3. Energy is transferred and stored into a battery
  4. The sun lowers as does the amount of energy the solar panel can collect
  5. The battery kicks in when the energy levels fall to a certain degree
  6. Your lights turn on

In short, when the sun starts going down the lights turn on. Solar lights with LED’s can brighten your home for years.

What Is The Best Solar Landscape Lighting?

The best overall solar landscape lighting is made by Solpex. Solpex’s solar landscape lights are easy to install, give off a beautiful glow, and it’s made from high-quality polysilicon. This gives it durability that can last for years.

Pros And Cons Of Solar Landscape Lights

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Pros Of Solar Landscape Lights

  • Won’t add to your electric bill
  • Can DIY the install
  • Easier to maintain

How Do Wired Landscape Lights Work?

a man working on an electrical box outside.
    1. The lights are set out and wired to a transformer
    2. The transformer turns on the lights using timers, switches, or photocells
    3. The lights turn off using one of those three

    Timers work by setting specific times for the transformer to turn the lights on and off. Switches work the same way as a light switch but for your exterior lighting. Photocells work the same way as solar lights.

    You can choose between high vs low-voltage landscape lights.

What Is The Best Wired Landscape Lighting?

Pros And Cons Of Wired Landscape Lights

a man that is leaning against a brick wall.

Pros Of Wired Landscape Lights

  • Can have lower upfront cost than solar lights
  • Shines the same brightness for as long as the bulb works
  • Can control when they turn on and off, brightness, and even colors remotely

Cons Of Wired Landscape Lights

  • Will add to your electric bill
  • Best to hire a professional to install
  • Harder to maintain due to the wiring

You can always try to troubleshoot your landscape lights on your own before calling someone to come look at them.

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“This is a great start!” says Matt. “I agree,” says Christina. “Let’s keep looking around this blog to see what else we can learn. Better to explore more instead of just jumping into a decision.” The couple starts exploring the blog for more information.


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