Building A Small Backyard Pond In Clarksburg, Maryland

Building A Small Backyard Pond In Clarksburg, Maryland

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This small backyard pond in Clarksburg, Maryland is actually the Tupa sons’ inspiration. They want a pond as much now as they always have. Moving into a new home is the ideal opportunity for them to get one because their parents want to make it look amazing. Let’s see what they had us build. Don’t forget to watch the video of the process below!

A field of grass is only appealing to look at for so long.

a pile of rocks sitting on top of a lush green field.

The Tupa’s new backyard is just that: grass. There is some landscaping and a few natural areas, but it’s mostly empty space. They don’t plan on leaving it like that for long.

Their 2 sons have been talking about having a backyard pond for some time now. They want something they can swim around in a little, play with, and explore. The Tupa’s decide to go with the idea. Now they just need someone to construct their new pond.

Let the search, begin!

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Finding Their Ideal Pond Contractor

It all comes down to visiting other ponds.

The Tupa’s are doing their fair bit of research. They’re going on pond contractor websites, looking at their pictures and videos, and even visiting their ponds.

As they are searching they come across Premier Ponds. Their tour of the website shows them many things, including before and after videos of water features all across Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. It’s enough to convince them to submit a contact form with photos of their yard.

That’s when Mike Kurylo calls them. He is a co-owner of Premier Ponds and he wants to talk to them about what they want for their project.

One of the specifics they talk about are the rocks. The Tupa’s know their boys will be like mountain goats the way they’ll be scrambling over the rocks.

Mike guarantees them he’ll make sure the rocks will be secure enough to hold a fully-grown man.

a headshot of a man in a blue shirt.
The couple still isn’t 100% sure yet. They want to see what Premier Ponds can do in real life. So Mike invites them to come see the pond they built in his own backyard.

It blows them away:

a man sitting on a rock in front of a pond.

The other 2 contractors’ ponds they’ve seen don’t compare. They ask Mike to come do a consultation. He tells them there is a fee for it, but the couple are ok with that. After what they’ve seen they know Premier Ponds is the real deal.

Later, Mike goes over to their yard. They happily give him their deposit as he hands them the written agreement for their soon-to-be pond.

All that’s left is to build it.

Building The Tupa’s Small Backyard Pond

You can see the Premier process for building the Tupa’s pond in this video:

But, there was one small issue. One of the skimmers was damaged during installation. We professionally scrambled and managed to get another one and stay on schedule.

Now the Tupa family has a beautiful and fun centerpiece for their home. The couple loves their new pond, but not as much as their sons! Looks like they’ll be running on pond time during their summers.

And the rocks are safe and secure, just as Mike promised.