Premier Ponds’ Process – Step One

/Premier Ponds’ Process – Step One

So, You Are Thinking Of A New Project?

You and your significant other have decided you want some information about ponds, hardscapes or another feature for your home and want to get in touch with Premier Ponds.  Here is Steve, our company’s founder on what happens after you submit a lead:


What Are We Going To Talk About?

Step One Premier Process

During our initial phone consultation, here are generally the types of questions we will ask you about your project:

  • Tell us about your project?  – We like to chat about what you’re thinking for your project.  Pictures help a lot to understand scope, issues and assist us in the estimation process.
  • Is there a budget you had in mind?  – We talk about job costs with clients because we know that we’re generally on the higher end of the spectrum. So we will give you ballpark figures over the phone about what your project will cost. Learn about what a pond costs>>
  • Timeline – We want to be completely respectful of your time and want to make sure if there are any milestones or deadlines (perhaps a party or event at the home) that we need to target to have this project complete. We’ll tell you what date we’ll be able to start your project.

Research You May Want to Consider Prior to Our Phone Consultation?

You may also want to consider reading through the material on our website that has a lot of information about ponds:

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