Project Description

Waterfall In Distress

In the heat of the summer season, Premier Ponds took on a waterfall-reconstruction job in the Kensington MD area. It was clear from the start that the client had already invested much time and money into her water feature and her backyard as a whole. We could see she had an emotional attachment to the space as she gave us a tour and shared her ideas. The waterfall had not fulfilled her vision due to neglectful efforts of the last team to work on it along with other factors. This area was her baby, and we were merely guests in her suburban oasis.

Waterfall Reconstruction Kensington MD

This job was one of my first hands-on experiences with water features, and even while I was the “gravel bucket-filling engineer” (self proclaimed), I saw how important it was that I do my task with the same gumption as everyone else.

The Specifics

This waterfall was about 35 feet long running from the top of a hill to the bottom into a 3-foot deep basin. One problem we addressed was the size and depth of the collection basin. Because it wasn’t large enough to hold all of the water once the feature was turned off, it regularly overflowed creating wasted water frustrations and damages the surrounding landscape. To remedy this, the Premier Ponds team deepened the spilling bowl area by adding additional aqua blocks (similar to milk crates) allowing a higher volume of water to be stored. Also, we extended/widened the basin and added a both practical and aesthetic slate rock retaining wall.

Of Course There Were Obstacles

The next obstacles we faced were big – REALLY big… Four or five boulder-size rocks were included in the fixture, and one of the client’s main requests was to preserve these boulders so that the space would retain its natural integrity. With this in mind, the Premier team took great care to move these monster rocks aside by flipping them carefully out of the way making sure not to crush or damage any foliage during the process. These large rocks were then put right back and incorporated into the new design. Attention to detail was a major factor in this project because of the specific demands we had to work with. The client made it perfectly clear that a natural bridge at the top of the feature was a must. Shawn Cutroni, or as we call him Big Papa S, of Premier Ponds took this woman’s words as a creative challenge and piloted the building of a bridge more impressive than the client imagined.


After the Job was completed the client wrote, exclaiming that Premier Ponds did a great job “bringing it all together”, which is the ultimate goal. She continues saying Premier Ponds “was so careful and respectful that there was minimal impact to the surrounding landscape.” The whole crew proved a great deal of enthusiasm, skill and creativity with this project.

So if you are in a similar situation and your oasis isn’t quite what you dreamed up, go ahead and let us know!