Project Description

Background info on the water feature construction

Big Pond SilverSpring, MD

Premier Pond’s very own Andrew Lingan had just bought his first house and of course the first thing he had done was a Backyard Makeover. But this wasn’t just going to be any pond, this was going to be the pond. Actually, we can call it a water feature since he got all the bells and whistles. He wanted this to be a showcase feature that we could show to potential clients to give them an idea of what we here at Premier can do!

Big pond installation Silver SPring Maryland

To top this all off, the pond was built in December of 2013. If you can’t remember it that well, that was a terribly cold month with a good amount of snowfall!

Our Approach

Pond Construction Silver Sping MD

Since this was to be thought of as a showcase, we pulled out all the stops. What Andrew wanted:

  • Mystery waterfall (3 of them in fact)
  • Beach (never been done before)
  • Negative edge into a planting bog
  • Fountain urn built into the wall
  • Have the pond measure 20′ wide for fish feeding/viewing
  • Rain barrel water reclamation system

Pond Construction Silver Spring MD 2

The Result

The water feature was completed with the final dimensions of 20′ x 20′. The setup of the feature will enable people to see the first from all around the pond. Sometimes irregular shaped ponds will inhibit your view of fish or plant life if you are trying to look at them from the wrong angle.

Pond Construction Silver Spring MD 2

The water feature also had a 25′ stream that ran into a bog. This is actually super beneficial to the pond. Not only does the bog help with filtration, but the stream helps in both filtration and aeration. The stream even runs through the fountain urn for a cool effect.

Backyard Renovation 1 SilverSpring, MD

A unique aspect of this water feature is the multiple ways that the water moves in the pond. In most ponds, the water moves from either a stream or a waterfall, but in this pond, there is actually several! The water initially flows from a waterfall into the pond. Then it runs down the stream into the bog. All while this is happening, water is flowing through mystery waterfalls and a fountain. There’s a lot going on in the feature, allowing you to appreciate different features throughout the day and from different angles.

Backyard Renovation SilverSpring, MD

The last part of the project that was built was the patio. Why would you build this magnificent feature and not want to sit right next to it? It’s just a 10/10 experience to come home from work and sit next to this thing of beauty. The noise of the constantly flowing water blocks out the noise from the surrounding neighborhood, adding to the tranquility of the experience!

Backyard Renovation 2 SilverSpring, MD

Time and Budget

Although this water feature was up and running by Christmas 2013, the project was not fully completed until April 2014. This was because of the tough weather we experienced that season. It was snow after snow and made it impossible to finish. But usually with our crew of 5 guys, this would take 2 weeks to complete.

Andrew came away with this pond owing just under $80k. He knew this would be the focal point of the backyard and wanted it done right, for years to come. When he has kids of his own, the can play in the shallow part of the stream, or sit on the beach that was built!

Want to check it out or learn more about our ponds? Drop us a line!