Project Description

What Was It Like Before?

Set in Damascus, MD, a family wanted to change the set up of their backyard. They originally had just a large hill and didn’t really do too much with it. The space was good, so you could go outside and potentially throw the football or frisbee on it, but with the slope, it just made everything tough. There’s no real way to describe it other than just a plain, boring backyard.

Pond Contractor Services MD before

The homeowner had always wanted a water feature back there and after exploring pond contractor services contacted Premier Ponds in fall of 2014, but that was as far as it went. Fast forward to 2015, the homeowner contacted another pond contractor about the backyard and they referred him back to Premier Ponds. So this project ended up starting in mid-June of 2015.

Pond Contractor To The Rescue!

The water feature they wanted was a long, 35′,  waterfall into a large pondless basin. They really wanted a mountain feel to the waterfall, something that looks pretty natural. The reason for the large basin was for them to use it daily. Whether it was for their dogs, or for them to sit and put their feet in, they didn’t just want to see the pond, they wanted to be the pond.

Pond Contractor Services MD middle

The dogs seemed to know what was in store for them, but they were just jumping the gun a little bit. But look at the size of this basin! Generally the average sized pondless basin we install is 4’x6′. This one was 10’x12′, which just shows how much water is going through the waterfall. As a general rule of thumb, the basin needs to hold 2-3 times as much water as is in the plumbing and waterfall at one time. This is like that because when you turn on the pump, you want the waterfall to run without it sucking air right off the bat.

Pond Contractor Services MD after

Here’s the final product! Some special things about this feature are:

  • Lots of boulders for a mountain-y look
  • Over twice the size of the normal basin
  • “Suction Grid” was installed which pulls the debris into one corner, making the cleanup even easier

We weren’t done with the backyard though! In addition to the feature, we also installed a 22’x20′ patio next to it. This way if they want to still “be a part of the pond” without sitting on the side, they can do that from chairs on the patio.

Pond Contractor Services MD after1

We also tied the backyard together with some stone steppers as a connector from the patio to their outside deck. They just doubled the amount of surface area to observe their new pondless water feature!

Pond Contractor Services MD after2

When it’s all said and done, they can now sit on the deck, sit on their new patio, or sit along the rocks with their feet in the water, and enjoy the serenity.

If you have a backyard that is a blank, ugly canvas, maybe we can help. Let us know what you’re thinking and I’m sure we can talk about all of your options!

Premier Ponds, based in Burtonsville, Maryland, provides pond contractor services for hundreds of ponds and water gardens each year in towns like Damascus & throughout the Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia area.