Project Description

The Back Story

Pond Glen Elg Maryland

Premier Ponds got a call one morning from a homeowner complaining about their pond. After sending a few pictures to us, we were able to assess the situation. What he had was an older pond that was way overgrown with lilies and lotus plants. These plants reproduce very quickly, and can get out of control very fast. This is actually one of the biggest reasons why we believe in putting these aquatic plants in pots. If you do not, they can easily take over your pond! The pond was running, but was by no means near it’s potential.

Our Approach

So we knew it was going to be a task to just pull the lilies out of the pond. The lack of shade and extreme heat made this summertime job a little more “fun,” you could say. It took Premier Ponds an entire day to just take apart this pond. What usually can be done in half of a day took the entire day because of the massive amount of plant life. We also had the task of having to haul all of it away, so it took a couple truck beds full of plants to finally clear it. But, after a long, hard day, we got it done. From there, it was all downhill!

We laid down a new liner and got new stone. We incorporated the existing stone with the new ones to help reduce the cost to the homeowner. As with every pond we built, we dug out shelves to aid in positioning of the plants. Pond Construction Glen Elg Maryland

The biofalls (waterfall/filter) was positioned so the homeowner could see it from their patio. They also opted for the addition of two fish caves to protect the fish from predators, especially the heron. Their pond would be great for a heron to come feed since it is so open with little tree coverage. Retaining walls were also built behind the biofalls and pond side since there was a larger drop down to the yard.

The Outcome

Glen eld Maryland Pond

The pond turned out beautifully. The waterfall dropped into a smaller, 3′ stream that trickled into the pond. We added the potted plants back in, as well as some plants around the edge of the stepper edge. All in all, the pond took 5 days and cost $30k. The final dimensions of the pond are 20′ by 25′, not including the small stream.

Think something like this would look great in your backyard? Good, so do we! But unfortunately we’re not mind readers here at Premier Ponds, so you will have to let us know!