Severna Park, MD

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Severna Park, MD: Pond Renovation, Construction and Maintenance

Severna Park, Annapolis, and the surrounding areas are truly one of the hot spots that we build and service a lot of ponds/water features. And although some of these homes are on the Chesapeake Bay or one of the rivers that come off the Bay, the homeowners still opt to have additional water!

Check Out Some Of The Projects We’ve Done Around The Severna Park Area

Severn, MD

Severna Park, MD

What Goes Into Building A Severna Park Water Feature?

When we talk about what goes into it, we don’t just mean what pond aspects go into the pond, we mean what does this process look like? How does it vary from the other popular locations we operate?

For starters, the homeowners in this area generally really enjoy the water. And while we know that just about all pond enthusiasts do, these are a different breed. They moved to live next to a huge body of water, after all. That’s why we don’t think it’s crazy when they tell us that they want to add water next to the water!

When we work in that area, we love it for two reasons:

  1. The digging is great
  2. It’s right next to Turf Equipment, our distributor

For us, great digging makes a huge difference. Compared to the ground in Frederick, we know what we’re about to get ourselves into so there are rarely ‘snags’ in the ground that can extend our job length.

We use Turf Equipment to get all of our pond supplies. We’ve been doing business with them since Premier Ponds began back in 2001 so they’re more than just our “distributor.”

Hear It From Our Clients

Richard had an existing pond that he had built himself! It seemed like it was time to get a professional in there and make it look exactly how Richard wanted.

Rich had another company come in and convert his pool into a pond. After that didn’t work out quite as he had hoped, he called Premier Ponds back to right their wrongs.