Frederick, MD

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Frederick: Pond Maintenance, Construction and Renovation

a garden with a pond and a stone wall.

Here at Premier Ponds, we know Frederick, MD pretty well. In fact, Mike Kurylo actually lives in Frederick! He grew up down the road in Gaithersburg and has decided that Frederick is more his style.

If you currently live in Frederick or some of the surrounding areas, there is one big thing that make you a bit different from the rest of our happy customers! When it comes to building ponds, we have to dig a hole in the ground. The top of the pond sits at ground level or pretty close to it.

In Frederick, the ground has a lot of Shale in it. What this does for us is it makes the ground very difficult to dig! We use a very limited amount of machines at Premier Ponds so we’re having to stick shovels into all this rock, which changes the process a bit. At this point, we generally do a combination of two things:

  1. Use a jackhammer to dig the ground
  2. Build above the ground so the pond sits on top of ground level

The way this works is we’ll use our one and only jackhammer (aka Jack C. Hammer – make sure you ask Mike what the “C.” stands for when he comes out to the job) to dig down deep enough and then use that as our “bottom of pond.” Then, we’ll build a bit above the ground so make sure that that “bottom of pond” is still the 24″ below the top of the pond.

Frederick, MD Pond Project

a yard with a stone wall and a wooden fence.
a backyard with a pond and a stone patio.

Footage Of Water Feature Projects We’ve Done Around Frederick, MD

Gaithersburg, MD

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See What Some Clients Around The Frederick Area Are Saying:


[Premier Ponds] turned our pond from a maintenance problem into something to actually be enjoyed. They also fixed some of the cheap stuff that had gone into the original plumbing of the water features. The original contractor made a cool pond, but the tubes/pipes/pump just were not up to the job. PP fixed all that; made a huge difference. All in all we have been quite thrilled with Premier Ponds. If it had not been for them, my pond would probably be a hole filled with pebbles. Instead, it is filled with fish. By the way: The fish are multiplying, so if anyone needs a few …

Mark B., Frederick, MD


We’ve had several Koi ponds over the years that were installed by quality landscapers but they lacked actual pond (and Koi) experience. After struggling to keep our pond in a clean and healthy state for our fish, dozens of which we lost to illness, we learned about Premier Ponds. This is a team of experienced professionals who take great pride in what they do and it shows. Since they’ve been maintaining our pond the fish are healthier than ever and we can actually enjoy watching them – the water is crystal clear. Last year Mike recommended that we add a second waterfall to enhance the existing filtration because our fish had so many babies. We took his advice and we absolutely love it. These guys are top notch, providing great customer service before, during and after the job. Highly, highly recommend them.

D.W., Frederick, MD

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