Pool To Pond Conversion That Will Make You Want To Do It

After Seeing Us Convert A Pool To A Pond You’ll Start Wanting To Do It Too

Converting a pool to a pond is no easy task, especially if you’re like the contractor who tried (and failed) to do it before we were called in. Now it’s exactly what the homeowners want for their backyard. 

You can see exactly what they had us do in the video above and the post below.


“The whole thing is a chaotic mess! This is terrible, why did we hire them in the first place?!”

Pool to pond conversion half finished by general landscaper

Rich’s backyard is a total eyesore. There is a half-finished pool to pond conversion in his backyard, which means there are rocks lying everywhere, the liner is showing through what rocks are there, it leaks, and is overall a liability.

“Well, dear, they did package the pond with landscaping for the same price as one of the pond contractors wanted for just the pond,” his wife gently reminds him.

“Yeah, well, it looks like that may not have been the best idea,” Rich says sourly. At this point they might as well have kept the pool they don’t use anymore. He shakes his head in disappointment as his eyes land on the obviously man-made waterfall:

Really bad waterfall attempt by general contractor

Rich and his wife can’t let their backyard stay like this. They put their heads together and eventually decide to hire a pond contractor they were looking at earlier for their pool to pond conversion.

Here is what happens when they do.

Turning A Pool Into A Pond

“Honestly, the best thing to do is build a pond inside the pond that’s already inside the pool.”

Converting a pool to a pond

Rich frowns a bit, prompting the pond contractor to continue. “It’s best to use the rocks already here to build a smaller pond than what the last guys were trying to do. The waterfall needs redoing too. Don’t worry about your lawn either, we don’t need heavy machinery for converting your pool to a pond.”

Once they work out all the details the crew gets to work. The first step is to remove the gravel and rock from the bottom to use later. The crew moves the large rocks around to give the pond its shape.

Using the large rocks to give the pond a better shape

But the pool’s too deep for the pond Rich wants!

The crew uses stone dust to create a protective layer over the sharp rocks for the new liner they’ll be laying down. This also helps level the shelf halfway down the pond that’s for holding plants.

Rich looks outside to see that his pool now has a level pond bottom.

Filling in and flattening out the pool bottom so a pond can fit there

Rich watches as the crew lays down the underlayment and liner that will keep the water in the pond. They also start installing skimmers to catch the debris.

After that’s done he sees them start rocking out the bottom. Rich remembers the pond contractor told him the rocks give the pond a more natural look and they help protect the liner:

Rocking out the pond bottom

Then they start tackling the waterfall. They completely remove the old one and replace it with a biofalls (which is a waterfall that also gives a home to beneficial bacteria). Rich likes the look of it much better than the old stair-step looking one.

Rich looks on excitedly as the final touches are made. A stepper edge for safe viewing, some creatively placed rocks, and mulch complete the pond.

Rich walks outside and sees that the pond water is cloudy.

Pool to pond conversion right after completion

“What’s with the water? Why isn’t it clear?” he asks in concern. The pond contractor tells him this is just how it starts out. Once the pond runs for a few days the water will clear up and look amazing.

Rich sighs in relief. He (nor anybody) wants a pond with cloudy water. He eventually gets some of the more popular aquatic plants and decorations for his pond.

Here is the transformation Rich made for his backyard pool to pond conversion:

What Does Rich Think Of His New Pond?

“It looks like we found it and decided to build our house around it,” Rich says with a smile.

While it was pricer than he was hoping for, Premier Ponds managed to bring his and his family’s ideas and vision to life. They love the result of their pool to pond conversion.

You can hear his exact words in the video at the top of this page.