Pondless Water Feature Installation

Less Maintenance With All The Amazing Benefits

1,000+ ponds constructed and repaired and 5,000+ ponds cleaned in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia since 2001

pondless waterfall surrounded by plants

Pondless water features are easier to maintain and they leave an amazing impression.

They’re the ideal solution for those with children and small pets.


  • Enjoy the sights and sound without stressing about maintenance
  • Travel whenever and for as long as you like without worry
  • Find the perfect design for your space

Create your ideal outdoor living space with a pondless water feature.

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You Deserve An Amazing Outdoor Area

Pondless waterfall

Work Less, Enjoy More

Listen to the sound of running water, feel the fresh air and sunlight, and fully enjoy your low-maintenance paradise.

Small waterfall into a pond with flowers

Safe For Kids & Pets

Pondless water features can have as much or as little standing water as you’d like, even none!

Waterfall with small pond

Fits In Even The Smallest Spaces

We all know bigger isn’t always better, and pondless water features prove that point.

How A Pondless Water Feature Works

It’s The Cycle Of Water

The water comes out of the top waterfall, flows down to the bottom, and cycles back up to the top again.

What Makes It Easier To Maintain?

A lot of it is the gravel. It filters the water more, makes seasonal cleanings easier, and it takes the place of the basin where the pond would be.

how a pond works graphic

Pondless Water Features; Perfect For Your Home Or Business

These are perfect to add curb appeal to any place you’re looking to install them.

The visual of the water running will help put anybody at ease. Especially if they’re being added as the focal point of the yard.

Plus, the gravel in the bottom acts as another filter to make maintenance even easier.

Escape From Your Daily Stress

1. Let’s talk about what you want from your pondless paradise

2. We’ll create your vision while you sit back and relax

3. Relax next to your amazing pondless water feature

Commonly Asked Questions

The average price of a pondless water feature is $12000.

The base price of one is $8000.

While the timeline varies based on size, they generally take 1-2 days.

Pondless water features are virtually no maintenance.

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