3 Pond Waterfall Designs You’ll Want To Have For Your Yard

3 Pond Waterfall Designs You’ll Want To Have For Your Yard

See What Kind Of Waterfalls You Can Get For Your Pond In Maryland
a pond filled with lots of water lilies.

The three pond waterfall designs are sheet, natural, and multiple drop. Sheet’s a sheet of water falling and natural falls tumble down rocks.

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We Can Choose?!

“Isn’t that great! We get to choose what kind of waterfall we want,” says Matt.

Christina smiles. “I didn’t know we’d be able to. Even if it ends up costing a bit more it’ll be worth creating our perfect pond.”

Matt suddenly makes his thinking face. “What’s up?” asks Christina. “Well, what kind of pond waterfall designs are there?”

Christina can’t help but laugh a little. “I have no idea either. Why don’t we look on Google? Better yet, let’s look at local pond contractor’s websites like we did for pond design ideas. Then we’ll find someone who can do the design we like.”

“Great idea! Let’s start looking right away,” says Matt as he takes out his phone. He starts searching as Christina walks over to look on with him.

Here are the designs they find:

The 3 Pond Waterfall Designs

a pond filled with lots of water lilies.

Sheet waterfalls look like a sheet of water falling down. Natural waterfalls are built so the water tumbles down over rocks in a single fall. Multiple drops can be either or both as long as there’s more than one drop.

1. Sheet Waterfalls

It looks exactly as it sounds.

a water feature in a garden with rocks and flowers.
Sheet pond waterfall designs have the water flow over a flat stone and over a sudden drop. This results in a thin curtain of water. The thin water allows the beautiful stonework underneath to be seen as the waterfall pours over it. At night, these sheets of water look simply amazing with LED lighting illuminating them!

2. Natural Waterfalls

These waterfalls look similar to the ones you’d find in nature.

a pond with a waterfall surrounded by water lilies.
There’s no real rhyme or reason to this pond waterfall design. The rocks are bigger and have a more jagged character. They resemble how nature eroded them away. The result is a more unique waterfall crashing into your pond.

3. Multiple Drop Waterfalls

More drops mean more visual and auditory interest!

a small waterfall in the middle of a rock garden.
You can go all sheet, all natural, or combine the two with multiple drop pond waterfall designs. This creates more area between the waterfall and the pond. There may be a slight twist or a turn too.
a waterfall in a garden with purple flowers.

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“These are some nice looking waterfalls,” says Matt. Christina nods. “They are, and I’m excited to get one! Let’s see what else we can find on this blog.”