5 Pond Safety Ideas That Can Help Ease Your Worries

5 Pond Safety Ideas That Can Help Ease Your Worries

Use These Ideas To Make Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virigina Pond Safe For Kids And Everyone
a group of young girls sitting on top of a rock next to a pond.

These pond safety ideas can either be added to your current pond or used for a future one. You can also get a water feature that isn’t a pond but still safe. 

Find out what these ideas are and increase the safety of your pond in the post below:

Will A Koi Pond Be Safe For Our Kids?

“We should find out how to make koi ponds safe for our kids.”

Heather smiles at James’ thoughtfulness, “And safer in general. We can also fall in ponds, though it is easier for us to stand up and get out.”

a little girl looking at a flower in a pond.

The couple is looking to install a koi pond in their backyard. They’ve done a bunch of research, like finding water feature construction pricing, but now they’re focusing on safety. 

Kids love ponds but all that water makes most parents nervous.

“Let’s see if Google can tell us how we can make our koi pond safer. The Smith’s upgraded their pond safety measures. If they can do that to an existing pond there has to be ways we can make ours safer during construction,” James points out.

a garden with a pond and a stone walkway.

Heather picks up her phone and does a Google search for ‘how to make koi ponds safe’.

This is what she finds:

Use These Ideas To Increase Your Pond’s Safety

The ways you can increase pond safety are by having safety edges, underwater and surrounding lighting, fences, covers, or by installing a pondless water feature. These ideas make water features safer for everyone including kids.

“These are some great ideas! Let’s see what they can look like,” Heather scrolls down excitedly.

1. Two Types Of Safety Edges For Ponds

“I guess this means making the edges safer somehow?”

There are 2 types of safety edges for ponds: stepper and beach. Each has a different way of making ponds safer.
a man and a boy looking at a fish in a pond.

Stepper edges are usually made of large, flat stones contractors fit together and stabilize. They clearly define the edges of a pond. They also make great areas to stand or sit and view the pond closely, but not too close.

“That’ll be a good addition. The pond will have a definite edge people can see so they won’t get to close. Also it’ll be great for sitting on and dipping our feet in,” Heather notes.

The Cost Of An Average Koi Pond

The average koi pond costs about $9,000. This is for a quality, low-maintenance koi pond that looks natural and beautiful. The price includes labor, rocks, gravel, liner, and filters. It usually increases because new pond owners add in extras like fish, plants, LED lights, or more.
a group of children sitting in lawn chairs next to a pond.

Beach edges are, well, like coming out of or going into a beach! It’s a sloping, sandy edge like you find where the water and sand meet.

“Now that’s cool, I’d love to have a pond safety edge like that,” James says happily.

The couple scrolls to the next way to make koi ponds safer.

2. Lighting Around The Edge And Underwater

“Now this is just plain beautiful.”

Large koi ponds can start at around $20,000 and go as high as you want. They can start at about 15 by 20 feet wide, have a stream, and hold around 2,500 gallons of water. Plus, they usually have more design features.
a house with a lot of trees in the front yard.
Adding lighting in and around your pond will make it easier to see at night. You can take a quick look outside and see everything around and in the pond.
a garden at night with a pond and lights.
“That’s a relief and it really does look amazing,” Heather agrees as she scrolls to the next pond safety idea.

3. Adding A Fence

“It’s safer, but it closes off the pond.”

Fences do a great job at keeping kids, pets, and most things away from and out of your pond. The downside is it makes your pond seem less natural. It blocks your pond.
a field of orange and yellow flowers next to a pond.

“Seems like it would be more temporary than anything. Teach your kids about pond safety, train your pets to stay away from it, and then take it down,” James thinks aloud.

Heather agrees, but they probably won’t use this option. She scrolls to the next one.

4. Pond Safety Cover

“It’s almost like a bird in a birdcage, but with ponds.”

Pond safety covers, like fences, can keep almost everything away from your pond. You can treat them like you would a fence.

“Alrighty then, let’s move on to the last pond safety measure.”

5. Pondless Water Features

“So, just get rid of the pond idea completely then.”

kid enjoying a pondless water feature
Streams and fountains are shallow water features, maybe a couple inches depending on what you want. You can also have a small waterfall flowing into a basin of water.
a small waterfall in the middle of a garden.
“Seems like we have plenty of options for making our pond safer for kids and people in general,” Heather muses.

What Will The Couple Do?

I’d love to have one part be a beach edge and the rest stepper edges,” James says firmly. “I agree, but only if we get lighting too,” Heather counters.

Now that their research is done they need to get a pond installation quote.