3 Day Pond Restoration For A Home Wedding Reception In Gaithersburg

3 Day Pond Restoration For A Home Wedding Reception In Gaithersburg, Maryland

Restoring A Pond In Time For The Big Celebration In Maryland

Things are about to get embarrassing for Glenn. He is to host a wedding reception at his home and has very little time to get his backyard ready. He may not make it…

The problem is his rundown pond, which has become a blemish on his backyard. It isn’t working and hadn’t been for quite some time, and now it’s coming back to haunt him:

a hose is connected to a rock wall in a yard.

The pumps don’t work, the rocks don’t have a natural-looking stack to them, and the plants can use some work. It won’t ruin the wedding reception but it certainly won’t add to it.

Glenn needs help, and fast. He ends up contacting Premier Ponds who has an opening 1 week before the reception is to take place. Glenn contacts his current contractor who tells him his pond can’t go through a complete restoration and be ready in 1 week.

Glenn decides to place his trust in Premier Ponds and hires us to restore his pond and make it even better.

You can see Glenn’s testimonial video at the end to hear his opinion

Day 1 Of Glenn’s Pond Restoration Project

Rain can ruin just about anything, can’t it? Well, we aren’t going to let it create a mud pit in Glenn’s backyard.

The forecast calls for rain tomorrow, so we lay down tarps on the yard to minimize the amount of mud we can create. This way his yard will be in great condition for the reception unless the theme is Fun In The Mud (which it isn’t).

Day 1 involves removing the plants, the rocks, a few low hanging tree branches, and everything else in this pond. We also dig it out to make it a little large and lay down the liner.

We always try to have the liner down on day 1 in case it rains because it’s easier to scoop water out of a liner then remove it from mud

Day 2: Installation

Today we are installing the skimmers and biofalls. These filter the water so it stays clean and clear. The biofalls is actually an all-in-one waterfall/filter/aerator, so it looks amazing, cleans the water, and adds oxygen to the water to help any fish.

We also start stacking the rocks so they have a more natural look and feel to them (it’s an engineering thing).

A couple of add-ons also make it into the pond, but you’ll find out what they are in day 3 below.

Day 3: The Finish & Clean Up

We are planting the plants, rocking the rocks, ministering the mulch, and adding the add-ons today. This is the final stretch and we are going to make this pond a natural-looking paradise.

The add-ons include:

  1. 1 Fish Tunnel
  2. (4) 3-watt LED lights
  3. Copper Ionizer (for algae control)
  4. Automatic water fill line
  5. Safety stepper edge

All of these work together to make the pond low-maintenance with high-enjoyment.

Now that the project is finished we need to clean up the site so it looks amazing for the wedding reception. This involves cleaning the stone walkway and ensuring it’s stable, raking the lawn, and pressure washing the patio and driveway.

Glenn’s Thoughts On The Pond Restoration Project & Result

Everyone who sees this pond says it’s one of the most beautiful they’ve seen check out the video to hear Glenn’s actual thoughts:

Glenn loves the fact that Steve updated him on the project each day. It reassured him and made him feel like part of the process and the team. The fact the team cleaned up after themselves was greatly appreciated as well.

It was also noted that Steve came in and did exactly what he said, which was to restore Glenn’s pond in 3 days.

“It was a great experience. If anyone ever has a desire to have a great pond put in, and have it done well…then I suggest you go with Steve and Premier Ponds.”

a hose is connected to a rock wall in a yard.
a small waterfall in the middle of a garden.

Do You Like What You See?

We know Glenn loves his pond, he says so in the testimonial video we took 1 year later. What do you think about our work? We’d love it if you wrote love it or hate it in the comments below.

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