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Pond Renovation for Your Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia Home

Create the water feature you want with a pond renovation! Add a waterfall, make it smaller, or even change it to a pondless water feature.

Does your pond not suit your tastes anymore? Whether you built it, had it built, or bought it with the house, the look doesn’t work for you anymore. You can easily fix this with a pond renovation! Regardless of how it got there, you have a pond or water feature in your yard that needs updating, such as by adding lights to it. There are things you love and possibly a few things you hate about your existing water feature.

Your pond renovation can be as small as adding a safety edge to an existing pond or redoing a waterfall that you’re not happy with. It could also be a big project like changing ponds into fountains or a blank hill into a beautiful, pondless waterfall with a 20′ stream. You can add filters, aquatic plants, fish, or any decorative components you want. We can help you turn your existing pond into the pond you dream of. A low maintenance water feature can bring your yard to life and have all of your neighbors talking! Read on to see why some homeowners renovate their water feature.

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Pond renovation with waterfall

Upgrade With A Pond Renovation!

Take your pond to another level by adding on to it. Make it more interesting, lively, and fun to watch! Install a pond bog to add filtration and room for aquatic plants, add a waterfall for visual and auditory excitement, or a splashing stream to lull you to sleep. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

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Renovate Your Pond So You Can Enjoy It Again!

Ponds can fall into disrepair. Algae can turn it into a swamp, parts can break down, and it can become overgrown with aquatic plants. Or, sometimes you don’t enjoy the look anymore. Don’t let small setbacks like these ruin your backyard pond! Get a pond renovation so you can once again have a pond to be proud of.

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Add Value And Interest With A Pond Renovation

One reason homeowners install ecosystem ponds is to add value and interest to their home. It’s something to capture people’s attention and hold it, be a conversation piece, and to actually add value to the property. This can’t happen as well if your pond doesn’t measure up to your standards. Instead of changing your standards, change the pond until it reflects your pond perfect vision. Watch the video below to see how we renovated a pond in Washington, DC:

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