Pond Renovation

Here’s a quick time-lapse progression of the process, check it out:

Premier Ponds Saves the Day

Dead looking pond in need of care

This pond owner called us out with two chief requests for her water garden:

  1. Clean, clear water to better see the Koi fish. And,
  2. A strong waterfall that doesn’t leak into the yard.

With these two goals in mind, the Premier Ponds team transformed this pond from a headache into a heart throb.

The original pond had an old rubber liner that the owner’s son had installed a few years before. This old liner would let water leak into the yard whenever the waterfall was turned on. To remedy the leak, the team drained the pond and replaced the liner with a brand new one.

A leaky pond is commonly due to liner edges that sit to low, or a liner that is ripped or punctured. Locating a leak can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so for this project the team decided to replace and re-install the entire liner for a sure fix.

Premier Ponds begins the pond renovation

One edge of the pond sits right up against the house in an area bordered with landscape stone, making it a challenge to maneuver around. Working with very little space on one side, we were still able to slightly expand the pond during the renovation.

All the existing landscaping around the pond was removed and the garden was totally reworked to be much more functional and low maintenance.

Before we arrived, the pond water had turned pea soup green, and the homeowners couldn’t enjoy their Koi fish. And for these homeowners, this pond was ALL about the fish.

During the reconstruction, two fish tunnels were added to keep the Koi safe from predators, and a big waterfall with a strong pump for lots of filtration and aeration. Both mechanical (skimmer) and biological (bio falls) filtration components, along with an iongen system, were added to combat green water and string algae.

A beautiful finished pond, fully renovated

The old pond was full of beautiful Iris, a flowering yellow plant that is very popular in home gardens. So, the salvaged healthy plugs of the Iris were replanted all around the new feature, along with a variety of other plants from our plant pond. 

More plants is good news for the fish because they help break down waste and other organics in the water that could negatively affect it’s color and quality. The new pond is also complete with underwater LED lighting, so the fish can be seen at night.

You can how much a pond renovation like this can cost >>

King Pond Renovation Cover

We specialize in pond construction and maintenance, but we also specialize in bringing old ponds back to life. We reached out to the owner and her son a few months later, and they couldn’t have been happier with their new improved water garden. A son started the dream for his mother many years ago, then we took her passion for her pond to the next level. To learn about other projects like this one, visit our blog page.

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