Pond Plants

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Premier Pond Plants

Pond Plants are a critical element to your ponds ecosystem. Choosing the right types of plants and the optimal number of them is key to the health of the pond. Too many plants and you’ll block sunlight from other living organisms.  Too few can also have a negative effect on the pond. There are three main categories of plants that go in ponds:

Bog/Marginal Plants– These plants don’t usually like to have a lot of water depth. They typically thrive in soil that is a little wet and are near the outskirts of the pond.

Deep Water Plants – The most famous deep water plant is the water lily. It thrives at depths of 1′ to 6′. Another deep water plant typically included in our plant packages is Sagittarius.

Tropical Plants – If you like color then you’ll love tropical plants! They come in all different types and add an amazing amount of color and interest to your pond. In the Maryland & Mid-Atlantic region they can be put in your pond starting in June and will last late into the fall depending on temperatures. Ask us about including tropicals when your summer maintenance service is being done.

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